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    I would like to test a theory on this forum. I was contemplating upgrading the stock horn to something louder, and then it occurred to me that the few times I've actually used the horn as some sort of warning, it was too late, ie. the driver did what he was intending to do all along, and I avoided trouble not by the honk but by evasive action. When I drive a car, the infrequent times I use the horn it's usually out of anger and not as a warning to prevent some imminent bad thing. The last thing you want to do is ride around on a bike honking in anger. So, question for this forum: do loud horns save lives???
  2. Hoople

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    I am sure they would if there was a way to activate them when your brain says HORN. Hitting a button with your left thumb is almost a waste of time when you really need it. I thought about ways to activate the horn in an emergency with some other way but I just can't come up with something that works well in all situations.

    I really need something that triggers off seeing the whites of my eyes!! :p
  3. Jack Klarich

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    In a reall world probably not, todays motorist is a strange animal, they yak on cell phones, read books and say oops I did not see that motorcycle and we have lights on loud pipes and a horn they could care less about JMO
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    some drivers also do not motorcycle riders, and they do stupid stuff like trying to cut you off, or riding your rear fender

    I saw a lady the other day on the interstate eating a bowl of something...driving with her knees
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    my horn doesnt work the only time i miss it is when i try to get the attention of someone iam riding with
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    I've found that if I have time to press the honk, I have "plenty" of time to avoid the bad situations in front of me, most of the close calls that I've encountered with, there's no time to hit the honk and no time to think, just the reactions of what happening at the time.
    I use my honk to get attention to other group riders and to get my bike pass state inspection.
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    That sums up my experiences pretty well. Judging by the effect police,ambulance and fire trucks sirens, horns and lights have on getting the attention of the general traffic, evasive action is a better alternative. I mainly use my horn to let the driver in front of me know the light is green and it's time to watch the road while they text.:34:
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    I upgraded to a loud "Howards Hog Horn" and am happy I did. When I am riding in traffic I just automatically assume that all surrounding drivers are going to do something stupid and get me. Yes, I agree, that the times I use the horn I could probably avoid the idiot anyway, but I ride with a finger near the button and use it frequently. If anyone even thinks about moving towards my position that get a good blast to let them know I am around!
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    That is the circumstance for saftey (LOUD) pipes.
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    I think the time it takes to blow the horn could be better used taking evasive action.