Hold-Up (no, not that kind)


Found this product on one of my "drives".
Scroll to the bottom of the page at http://www.suspenders.com/
Its the one for keeping your pants down :lolrolling(that one is going to bring comments) and it works like a charm.

Roy Jorawsky
They sell them here in Calgary $14.95 set. I went to Value Village (secondhand store) and bought three old pair of suspenders 2.95 then cut them to lenght so they fit around my boots and sewed them up. Use them for the rain suit, works great. The elastic streches and keeps the cuffs down.
Not a bad idea.
Although I always wear bootleg cut jeans, they never ride up my boots.
Thanks for the info Zamadan. Are the ones sold in Calgary the same make? and do they have the spike in the jaw that goes through the material to hold them in place?
I ask because I feel a little foolish for travelling to NY and paying $5 more for something that I could have found "at home"
Roy Jorawsky
Andres in Forest Lawn had them with the spike last year not sure who his supplier is this year. The ones on the web have more material though with that piece of fabric around the heel. I just looked for the clips with the heaviest teeth. My home made ones work fine have'nt lost one yet.