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  1. GliderDoug

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    I'm looking for opinions on cost and value of this compared to normal motor league roadside assistance. The Ultra Plus package at $50 covers 2 bikes (mine and wifes) as well as 3 cages. There are some subtle differences but very similar on the things I am most interested in.
    I'm comparing to CAA which is the Canadian equivalent of AMA.
    Not that I couldn't do all this comparison myself but I'm sure someone already has - right?

    BOWHIKER Junior Member

    The insurance i have covers $ 100.00 plus towing .

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    over the many years of being a HOG MEMBER, I have used THEIR roadside insurance 2 times(automatic covered as a member).... I had 2 full tows to HD shops while on the road(recent and long ago).(HOG paid 100$ each) BESIDES my regular insurance WITH NO TOWING NOW it was handy this last summer. I broke down in Oregon, and towed to HD.. I called them AFTER THE FACT and sent off the paid tow-bill to HOG and they sent me a check back for the 100$$us that they covered...RULE CHANGE On the HOG card is a 800 number you MUST call FIRST and let them know you are being towed.

    The OLD DAYS you could just send in the bill.. THEY DID PAY MINE as I called AFTER THE FACT.. but they said NOT again, CALL FIRST....

    I keep my membership up with HOG,,, very inexpensive UNTIL you BUY the NEW BIKE..
    BUT then you get a year membership for FREE.

  4. Jack Klarich

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    Life member , never had issues with Hog and have used the towing enough times to make it pay
  5. Fossil

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    Last year I had a flat eighty miles from the closest dealer. The people that tow for HOG wanted $175 up front. I didn't have that much so I rode from gas stateion to station to get home. I think the AMA has a plan that is free with your first year's membership that will take you to the nearest dealer or like me, home. Fossil
  6. xlcruser

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    As I understand it, HOG will tow you to the nearest Dealer. When in my home state I'd just as soon use the one I always use. So between my insurance towing and HOG, I can get them there. It may take a bit longer should I have to stop somewhere and then call HOG to finish the trip but at least I get the mechanic I want. Out of state, you gotta go were you can.
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    I sometimes ask myself why I am a HOG member...I don't get an answer.