Hit a woodchuck at 65 mph and lived

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by robermv32, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. robermv32

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    Today while on a cruise on my 2008 Softail Custom I was on a secondary country road just loving the entire scene. The motor was humming sweet tunes and the scenery was just beautiful our weather here in Upstate New York has been hot (90's) so the moving air was a welcome addition. Without warning, here is chuck 10 feet in front of me making a woodchuck dash for the centerline. No time to do anything but Tighten up and hope that front wheel can take it. Knees pressed against the tank, handle bars pulled back and gripped tight. BAM...chuck left the stage. The bike took the jolt as both wheels took chuck.

    I slowed and stopped where I could get off and look the bike over for any damage. Tires were good, no visible damage to anything underneath except...the little critter took my gremlin bell. Now a question, My wife gave it to me "unannounced", nice touch and according to the legend, it doubled the effect. ( must have ) after today's little event. Do I ask her to get me another one, or just get it myself ?
  2. GroundHawg

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    I think you should give your wife a big kiss and thank her for the bell. When she hears the story she'll probably get you another one ASAP!
  3. bikerdad

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    One of those varmints tried to get me to! He also did the woodchuck dash for the centerline and there he sat. I was quickley trying to decide which way he was going to go because I seldom guess right in 50 - 50 situations. I decided that if he was scared he would probably go back the way he came. There was no traffic so I went for the pass on the left. Got lucky and guessed right that time! I don't know, perhaps the bell my daughter gave me helped me make the right decision. I am sure your wife would be happy to get you another one.
  4. Rewind

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    Sounds like the bell did it's thing!!! Tell the wife to get you a new one.
  5. STEVE07

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    Maybe you should only tell your wife how the bell got taken by the woodchuck,but it really helped you out,that way she will get the hint and buy you one without you outright asking.

    Darn I think I have been reading too many of walleyes posts on the subject os the guardian bell!:52:
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    Are woodchucks the same things as ground hogs? Ive seen em over 10 lbs, that could bend a fender.
  7. threesteps

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    Good to hear the woodchuck was on the losing end.

    I'm not much into the bell deal so there isn't much I can offer you there. However, you might check out the woodchuck to see if he was wearing a bell before he got whacked......if so, I won't worry about getting another bell.:D
  8. gs34

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    Punxutawney Phil will morn the passing of yet another of his cousins...he will be missed next groundhog day!!.....but we're glad you're OK.
  9. jcorso11

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    bye chuck....
  10. robermv32

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    Ok, footnote. The bike is fine and the wife upon hearing the story came home on her lunch hour the very next day with a new bell. Her thoughts are worth sharing.. "If it is something that makes you feel better while riding then I'm all for it." Oh, that girl....Think I'll keep her, and just so you know, I did give her that kiss....she's special.