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    So after trying a set of 21's and some headwork in my 88" carb'd Road King. I wasn't completely satisfied. In fact I was a little disappointed..

    I did some calling around and emailing to different shops and discussed what I was looking to do. After numerous calls and emails, I found Scott Palmer very easy to to talk to and very enthusiastic about what he could do for what I wanted. He answered every email and numerous phone calls. Answered every question, of which there were plenty.

    I sent him some cylinders and heads for him to get started. They arrived with all the parts I needed for the build.Including cams, gaskets, clutch spring, pistons fitted with rings etc.

    Started the build right after Christmas and it went together with a few bumps on the way. None of them had to do with Hillside. I needed a new clutch cable and an exhaust hanger for the left side. I used Scott's advice on all the break in, timing, jetting and adjustments.

    3 months later, a hospital visit :)sd), and a dyno tune with Doc Weaver, I have a very nice running Road King. Its a 98" with 9.8/1 and his head work with 57 cams and a DTT ignition module (Thanks Don!) I am at 96.5 HP and 110 Tq. Some of that left on the table due to TD exhaust. Fuel mileage is improved greatly over stock but havent been able to keep my wrist out of it enough to post any real numbers on that.

    If any body is looking for a builder or machine work, I would put Scott Palmer of Hillside on your list of people to call. Great guy to work with. If you have questions about a build, do yourself a favor and call Scott. He does this for a living.
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    Most excellent, a well oiled machine:p