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  1. He everybody what size are my highway bars on my 2010 road king FHLR. I am wanting to get highway pegs for a long ride this month.:D
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    They are 1 1/4".
    I just picked up my set yesterday.
    i went with PN # 50957-02B
    They are the heavy looking billet kind, a little pricey at $99 then you have to buy the chrome bolt kit for another 25....then the pegs....
    or you can get the cheaper ones for about $ 40........then the pegs.
  3. Thanks really appreciate the help.

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    HD Parts and Accessories catalog lists 8 different highway peg mounts that adjust in virtually any angle and length, so it would be a good idea to check them out before you order one...(most of them are on the wall) "jus wait'in for ya"...be careful as they vary considrably in price and complexity...from basic "P" clamp type to infinite adjustable multi-fit gear toothed designs that will quite literally blow your mind with all the adjustments. But as all of us know, comfort is a relative thing especially with a peg so far away and angled for your personal comfort zone...so try a few that are mounted on bikes in the used area, to be sure.
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    Also, save yourself some time/headache & think about where you'll want these pegs positioned. Keep future options/accessories in mind too (i.e. lowers, FB extenders, shift/brake peg style, etc.). Plus - don't 100% listen to the sales rep b/c your choice/taste are different than theirs. I tried & exchanged three separate sets of crash bar peg mounts & pegs before finally deciding on HD's short angle mount (PN 50830-07A) w/O-ring pegs (PN 49128-82). Took awhile to get things dialed-in, but like the set-up w/my lowers & 1" FB extensions. Also, I have future plans to powdercoat my hwy bars black & the O-ring pegs will allow coating - just remove rubber rings. Good luck & remember to keep your blinders on when shopping b/c I always walk out w/more than I planned to buy...;-)