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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Dr. Dolittle, Sep 18, 2008.

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    I'm looking at putting highway pegs on my engine guard and I want to be able to make the maximum amount of adjustment. The P&A Catalog had two kinds that both mention 360 degree adjustability. Part numbers are 50832-07A and 50828-07A.

    Can any one explain in simple terms what the difference between these two items is? Anyone have these exact items mounted on their bikes that could give me some feedback?

    I'm on vacation or I'd scoot to the dealership and look at both of them.

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    I went through maybe 3 sets before finding the most comfortable ones. This was the hardest thing of all the extras I have put on my bike. After leaving the dealer I went home put them on and rode around the block and for the 1st two went back and purchased something else and tried those. For me it was an all day Saturday until finally felt just right and worth all the effort. My 2007 has already 20,000 miles and never a problem with the pegs for comfort.
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    This is precisely why I want something ultra adjustable. I want to buy ONE mounting kit and then be able to try different mounting positions and angles instead of buying different mounts.
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    I am using the HD chrome pegs that screw onto an adapter that is rounded and clamps onto the guard. Part# 50957-02A should be able to find easy enough. 360 adj, used locktite once I found where I wanted them. Also, I measured the ground height for symmetry. Works good, looks good.
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    Had some time to think about this and I think my original post was kind of sketchy. Let's try this again:

    I'm thinking about putting highway pegs on the engine guard of my 2008 FLHX. I've heard that it takes some messing around to get them right where you want them so I'm wondering if the adjustable ones are superior to just the straight mount kit. Here's what the newest P&A Catalog shows for my choices:

    1) 50957-02A Chrome Billet Engine Guard Footpeg Mounting Kit $100
    2) 50832-07A Adjustable Highway Peg Mounting Kit - 360 Degree $110
    3) 50827-07A Adjustable Highway Peg Mounting Kit - Long Offset $130
    4) 50828-07A Adjustable Highway Peg Mounting Kit - Short Offset $130
    5) 50964-98 Engine Guard Footpeg Mounting Kit $40

    My questions:

    1) The adjustable items are $60 to $90 more than the standard mounting kit (choice 5 above). Once you get them where you want them, do you move them around any more? In other words, what are you paying the premium price for?

    2) Are the adjustable models adjustable on the fly? If not, do you really find yourself pulling over on a long trip and adjusting them because you need more than 2 foot/leg positions (floorboards and highway pegs)?

    3) The chrome billet kit is $60 more than the standard kit. Why is that? Lighter, lasts longer?

    4) I've got a 32 inch inseam. Anyone have any experience with whether I should go with a long or short offset if I get that kit?

    5) Pictures in the catalog all show round, cylindrical pegs being used. I'd like to reuse the passenger pegs that came on my bike which I replaced with boards. It doesn't appear that you can adjust the actual angle that the pegs are attached to the mount so will this angle be OK with the flattish pegs that are standard on the FLHX?

    Thanks a lot folks. I've got so much to learn!
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    Thanks. I'm on vacation but I'm drinking coffee and hanging out here on the forum 2 or 3 times a day! Can't sit on the beach all day like my wife! I get bored, start daydreaming about Harleys and head for the laptop to check in with you folks! :cheers
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    if you are going to add stirrups at any point in the future be sure and pay the extra to get the kind that lock to a specific position. The cheap one is fine for just a peg but will not hold it's position if you add a stirrup. just an FYI

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Enjoy your vacation. FYI, I have forward controls already, so I rarely use the highway pegs, folded firmly up out of the way for normal rides and parking. I have them angled inwards to accomodate my h-u-r-r-u-m-p-h shorter 29" inseam and my leg just clears the air cleaner on the right side!!

    IMHO, invest in the less expensive ones, and if you find you use often, then go for the big bucks. On the occasion of very long trips, I fold down them down (you can see them folded in my Avatar or Sporty pix thread posted. :)

    I am however looking to add footpegs or floor boards in the "standard" riding position, but the Sporty frame mounts have different front to back offset, for the left and right sides, which makes you ride kind of like a dirt track rider, so it looks like I need to do a custom bracket fab/search! :newsmile091:
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    50832-07A is what I have on my bike. They are adjustable for reach, so you can move them towards the front or towards the rear depending on your inseam. They are adjustable up and down without moving the clamp around the engine guard. They also allow any angle to be set for your pegs in relation to the centerline of the bike looking from the top down. I have moved my from the inside to the outside (switch left arm with right arm), up and down, fore and aft. It took about four different settings until I was happy.

    I would spend the extra to get these and you can put them in any position. The others from HD will not allow you to put them in as many different spots. They don't adjust on the fly (except to fold up the pegs).

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