Hiccup that doesnt seem to match other cases...

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    Been a while since I have been here, but between deployments, TDYs, and PCS, I've been....busy.
    So, here is my issue. If it doesnt belong here, please move it. Got a hiccup and it is getting old.
    06 Ultra Classic, injected. just over 35K miles, had 30K done about 7 months ago. A year ago, the battery, alternator, starter, stator, and voltage regulator were all replaced (rock cracked the stator housing, then it rained, then everything went down hill). No modifications done by me, but I suppose that doesnt mean no mods done (the air cleaner feels like it sticks out a bit further than it should.)
    Now, the problem is it does what sounds a cough out of the intake sometimes when I try to start it. if it coughs, it wont start, and i have to let go of the button and wait for it to reset. it will hesitate then start. second thing it does, usually when it's cold (hard to be cold in central texas in the summer, but hey) and more often after a fuel fill, it will hiccup and die for a second before keeping on keepin on. It does it right on about 2000 RPM. No big deal when going straight in 3rd gear and 35 MPH, other than the lurch. BADNESS thing when it does it when I am leaned over 20* making a turn.
    It has been doing the hiccup more often recently, which is why I am not getting concerned over it. I don't recall it doing this this past winter. I'll also note it does it once, then doesnt go it again until after it has been sitting a while. Other than seeming to do it more often with a full tank of gas, I havent been able to duplicate the issue at will. I can start it, immediately take off, get to a stop light, sit for a minute, start back off, then it does it the instant I come off the clutch and settle into 3rd gear. the next day, I can start the bike, let it idle a few minutes while I put my gear on, back out of the drive way, shift to second, and make the first turn out of my neighborhood and it will sputter right as I hit the apex of the turn. It will, or will not, do it under easy acceleration. it has done it under hard acceleration. The only real common factors are the gas and 2K.
    any and all suggestions are welcome. I live in mortal fear that it will be behaving itself for a few days, then I will have my wife on the back and it will hiccup on a curve and down we go.
    Much obliged.
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    Will it do it sitting still? Rev it too 2k and with it on the side stand? Does it do it every time you hit third or just once in awhile? Im thinking fuel pressure issue.
    When it does it at start up. Does the fuel pump come on with the switch and continue to run or does come on and go off after a bit?
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    No idiot light, but I will check for codes when i get home. I'll also try the other stuff.
    It will idle all day. I can rev it to 2K in neutral no issues. I think it's 2K, fresh fuel, and with a load on. Like i said, I cannot duplicate the issue on demand. I'll try a few things and report back
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    I would consider having the ECM reflashed. My 03 had an issue at around 1800 rpms where it would die for an instant. Did it till dealer reflashed ECM. It was like a hole(error) in the map, when certain inputs lined up it would die momentarily.

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    No codes.
    I finally found my plug socket and pulled the sparkies.
    Rear head looked about how I expected it would after not less than 20K miles. No major wear, no pits, all in all, not bad.
    Front head...the plug was in good shape, but with significantly heavier carbon build up. Rear head had some, front head was wipe it with a rag a few times and it's still dirty covered with soot. Starting to think maybe its running a tad fat on the front head, and when it hiccups, its because the front head is missing due to it? All that being said, the weather here in Central Texas has gotten noticably cooler, and instead of doing it twice a day, it has done it once in a week.
    Gonna fill it in the morning (monday) and add some fuel system cleaner. Next weekend, I'll borrow the tools to take the tank off and have a look at the injectors. The other thought I am having is that it is an early production 06 and it might have the 8* injectors vice the 20-something injectors they swapped for.
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    here is a link to the injector bulletin