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    Hi all, Glad to have found this site. I am seriously looking to purchase a Road King Classic within the next few weeks. I haven't been riding for 22 years now, and can't wait to get out there when Spring comes. After reading posts on here, I decided to join, even though I haven't got my RK in the garage yet. I hope that's ok! I was undecided whether to look at the Heritage or the RK, and after reading that many riders wives like the RK's ride alot better. Well...... that really swayed my decision.
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    Welcome to The Forum:wce:rider
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    Welcome aboard.
    A word of advice, have the lady sit on the bike before buying it. It is not the comfort as much as it is the fit that matters. When your lady fits the bike the comfort is automatic. I bought my RK last February at the encouragement of my lady but she never sat on it prior to the purchase and that is when it counts. On our first ride she was miserably uncomfortable because she did not fir the bike.
    1. The RK has running boards instead of pegs and they got in my way.
    2. The boards were to low and caused the protective bars around the bags to hit her calves.
    3. I put another $130.00 into the 2-1/4 dog bone risers that I may have been able to bargain for before buying it.
    4. The dog bones were not enough and I just put a pad on the back rest to move her forward.
    Now it is the end of the season for her and we had one ride all year that she was almost comfortable on. Now she has to get used to being so close to me that when I lean she has to and I will have to work on that in the spring.

    Five minutes with her sitting on the bike and you may save money and make her a happy camper in the process.
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    Welcome aboard from Canada. :)
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    Welcome aboard, glad to have you here. :ws
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    Thanks all for the Greeting! And thank you Rusty for the insight that I never even thought about. I'll be sure to take her with me. Ain't no one happy unless Mama's happy. LOL
    Thanks again!
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    Welcome, from Raleigh.... +1 on the having mama OK the "fit".

    I'm "lucky" as my wife rides her own. She picked out the bike she wanted... and is happy.
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    Welcome aboard from Central Florida:ws
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    Welcome from Woodstock, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta!


    Be sure to take a few minutes to read through this and your stay here will be long and pleasant!

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