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    :wall:wallHi y'all. Found the site and already done some posting but thought best to do intro now. Just got back into bikes after none since fall 2008. So 5 seasons was my limit LOL.

    Nostalgic for me cause I've had bikes since 6th grade. A 76 Honda xr 75 dirtbike. From there got a Honda xl 175. Then a Kawasaki kx 125. Went to college and got Honda CX 500.

    Sold that to an much older work colleague who was recently divorced LOL. Told him he needed a Harley, but guess he wasn't getting it. :p

    So a friend talked me into my most brilliant bike mistake, a 79 sportster. The infamous one year only bike for parts. :shock

    Did some mostly cosmetic work, raked front, chrome, paint job etc and then moved on up to 91 fxrs p. What a great bike. Had upgraded police cams and police saddle. Still the MOST comfortable bike I've ever ridden. I did few minor cosmetic mods including removing police fairing and putting on new front lamp assembly and convertible windscreen. Left police saddle on and added pillow passenger with backrest.

    That was stolen in 98. :( Two blocks from police station. They just said, "its probably already in Germany for parts. :wall:wall

    In spring 04 got new 03 Honda cbr954rr race bike. The dealer actually balked at selling it to me.... Had concern about my "lack of riding experience" LOL. Two months later I pulled in for 1000 service and he was laughing about my lack of chicken strips (the side of the tire which hasn't been used). After three years and a couple of trips to the track, I was pretty much done with trying to drive a race bike on the streets. That bike needed to be tracked and it just didn't fit my life/work schedule.

    I kept riding it till end of 08 then sold it.

    So this spring I got my 07 fxstc!!! Great bike and loving it so far. I like softail custom cause its a highly maneuverable road bike with a nod to that classic 70s chopper look. Dig the slightly raked and narrow spoked tire front end. Plus I wanted tc96b.
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    Even though you have a few post, better late intro than never.Welcome from So. Texas.
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    Welcome to the forum

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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.
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    Welcome aboard, glad to have you here. :ws
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    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to the forum from the southwest desert.