Hesitation and Chugging

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by jbrown995, Jul 13, 2011.

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    Hello, I have a 2005 FSXTBI Night Train. I have done no motor work to the bike at all and it is in original condition. I have found that in the past week it has been hesitating and chugging while I ride. The idle is a little rough and as I stay at a constant speed the bike starts to chug and hesitate. I thought it might have been from sitting outside and not being ridden in a week while it rained so I have to try some dry gas. I am worried it might be a larger problem though. If anyone has any suggestions or comments it would help before I have to spend $1000 on a minor problem.

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    A bit more info will help:
    • Does the problem show up right away, or after the scoot warms up?
    • When the problem shows up, and you try a hard acceleration, what is the response?
    • Did the issue just show up suddenly, or did it come on little by little?
    • Once the problem shows up, does it stay or does it sometimes clear up on its own?
    • When cruising, does the problem show up as you slightly increase the throttle, or when going at unchanging speed a flat road?
    Describe in detail, everything you detect. One of those details might point right at a cause.

    Rich P
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    - It starts just a little like it's not warmed up right away but after it's warm it gets bad.
    -If it starts to hesitate I accelerate and it goes away immediately till I let off and start cruising again.
    -I felt the hesitation every once in awhile about two weeks ago but not as bad till my 93 mile ride yesterday where it was VERY noticeable.
    - I can cruise for awhile and it shows up and then all of a sudden go away, then show up again.
    - It shows up the most during a steady kept speed, usually between 45 -60 mph.

    It feels as if it's not getting gas sprayed into the cylinders and it's hesitating. It's the FI model but I also left it uncovered out in the rain due to a biker rally here in NC for a week.
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  5. jbrown995

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    I have not checked for any stored codes in the bike yet but I will. The way it runs def makes me think bad gas or water in my lines.
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    Maybe inspect the inside of the tank real good for rust etc. If the inside of the tank is in bad shape, all that rust etc. is building up on the screen where the fuel leaves the tank through the petcock.

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    I have been down the road of contaminated/bad fuel. I was amazed how diluting the bad fuel over and over again with good fuel did nothing (or very little) to improve things. It was not until I drained the tank and refilled it, did the problem go away. Dry gas does not make water combustible.
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    If you are in the tank doing what Bodeen has suggested, do not miss the opportunity to check the corrugated plastic fuel lines for pin holes. See here:

    Harley Davidson Community

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    I would try a good dose of Sea Foam in the gas before I did anything else. You can drain the tank, but if there is any water on the pickups etc it won't come out with the gas. The Sea Foam will take care of this problem.