Heritage Softail Classic ?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by animal15340, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. animal15340

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    I'm riding a 02 883 now and I love riding. I am thinking about buying a 2000-2004 Heritage Softail Classic. Just would like some comments from:newsmile030: people who are riding the Heritage. My wife has ridden with me only a couple of times and her butt hurts after about 15 minutes on the back of the sporty. I rode to camp (135 miles) and couldn't wait to stand up. Will the Heritage be a lot different of a ride.(more comfortable?). Thanks for your comments.

    ps. I'm 54 and so is the wife.

    DANNY MC Active Member

    Hiya animal,im currently on a 09 Heritage Classic and luv it !!!,have driven from Liverpool UK - France no problem ref sore butt,really comfy ride,mate of mine picked up a 2004 Heritage last week,he traded in a 94 sportster and he cant get over the diff,go for it,you'll both luv it,NO MORE SORE BUTTS!!!!,take care,Danny Mc
  3. HarryB737

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    I too upgraded from Sportster... I had an '07 which we loved... but wanted something a little more comfortable for the longer rides... I think you will love the Heritage, we have... Good Luck !! :D
  4. softailhog

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    I ride an 02 Heritage and love it. Since you are looking at a used bike, chances are good that the seat has already been changed. But if it still has the stock seat, be prepared to change it or at least, change the passenger part. The stock passenger seat is very narrow and I had to change it out for the wife right away. HD has a "touring" passenger seat for the Heritage that is wider.

    The Heritage has a low center of gravity and will feel very stable compared to a Sporty. Depending on how tall you are, the seat and bars will feel very different but very comfortable. You feel like you're down in the bike instead of on top if that makes sense.

    And the mirrors don't shake at stop lights!!
  5. Rewind

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    I may be one of the "old" guys here.......I ride a '97 Heritage and love it!!!! There are alot of seat options with the Heritage and it can be made to load up for a long trip for the two of you or it's great for just a day or weekend ride. I think IMHO that the Heritage (or Road King) are the most versitle bikes out there.
  6. springer03

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    hey animal...I have ridden a lot of bikes in my 66 years.. still own a BMW r1100rs.. I ride a 2003 Heritage Springer.. It is absoultely the best ride i have owned. Wife don't like the stock seat on back. That is the only thing that i can say against the springer.
  7. glenalt

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    I have an 05 Heritage and it's great. I did change out the pass seat to the wider one harley offers for the wife and no complaints. Ride 250-300 a day.
  8. planohog

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    had a 04 heritage , put 47K miles on it.. I had a great time but for long distance
    or anything over 100 miles , wife will not be happy.. I removed stock passenger seat almost first day and that helped, but she was unable to make more than
    100 on first tank , maybe 75 on ever tank there after.. heritage is great and you will enjoy it.. I moved into a 09 ultra, wify really happy now..
  9. McQueen1963

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    I agree with glenalt. I also have a 05 Heritage , my wife is very happy with it. No doubt, it is a very good choice
  10. SeaRider04

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    04 with wider seat and floor boards for the wife. She never complaint about sore butt, me on the other hand have to stop for rest room every 150-200 miles.