Heritage noise. Chapter 2. I am an idiot

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by gasbag, Jan 24, 2010.

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    a moron, a pathetic mishmash of greycells, dumber than a post. I am so dumb a post thinks I am dumb.

    About a week ago I started a thread asking for help on my Heritage. It had a new and strange noise.

    Now, keep in mind that I had been looking for this noise for over a month. I have checked all nuts and bolts, spokes, tightened things, loosened and moved around and re-tightened things. The only thing I didn't do was use duct tape.

    My son came down last Thursday to stay a few days so we could ride. Last time he was here he could not hear the noise.

    Here is how our first ride went.

    Dad, "Hey Chris, would you mind riding the Heritage once more just to see if you can hear anything."

    Son; rolling eyes and thinking about commitment papers for Dad, "Ok Dad. I will give it
    one more shot. If I don't hear it this time I have a home in mind for you."

    Dad, "Gee, thanks. I knew you loved me."

    So he jumped on and rode off. Darn my bike sounds good. 15 minutes later he came back. Darn my bike sounds good. He had an odd smile on his face that told me I was on my way to the home.

    Dad, "Well, any luck."

    Son, "Yeah, I heard it this time."

    Dad, "YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Son, "I fixed it too"

    Dad, "Uh...............what?"

    He calmly reached down and unscrewed the gas cap and handed it to me.

    It seems the chrome lid had come loose from the plastic threads and was vibrating at certain rpm's.

    Dad, looking sheepish and feeling dumb, "Wow, thanks. I really appreciate it. It was driving me nuts."

    Son, "No problem Dad. Now, about that home I have been checking out for you."

    We went out, put about 120 miles on the bikes, stopped at Harley and bought a new gas cap, had a great time.

    Good gravy I am a moron............................................. :small3d023:
  2. Drumrguy

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    Well, I got good news for you, you were not totally crazy, you did hear something, at least it was not voices!:rofl
  3. ultrat

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    some time its the simple things. we only hope they all are.......
  4. HarryB737

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    Don't feel too bad, not long ago I had a noise, I looked all over, checked tightness of everything, then one afternoon as I was going down the road the noise came back,... I reached up & discovered it was a vent door vibrating on my helmet. :rofl
  5. geezer

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    Sometimes the smallest things are the hardest to find. Been there done that, but if that,s the biggest trouble you have this year or month, you,ll be OK.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    No problem Geezer, was test riding my friends Sportster 2003, "--what's that funny noise?...wouldn't you know it, the chrome cover was loose...but I found it AFTER I did a simple inspection and AFTER I found a broken mounting screw holding the horn bracket...it was "banging" against the engine guard, frame mount...TWO rattles for the price of one... :small3d023:

    You did the same, precautionary check probably found a few things that weren't the exact problem, but prevention is the best cure, backwards maybe, same result none the less. Good riding to you...! :D
  7. silentflyer

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    We all have similar experiences......I bet even Glider hs a couple to share.....
  8. SoonerSoftail

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    I had the exact same thing happen on the Sporty I used to have. Felt like an idiot when I found the gas cap as the cause. To add to your misery. You didn't have to buy a new one, and the new one is likely to do the same thing at some point. If so, put the cap upside down on a towel. Using a flat blade screwdriver and hammer tap the lip of the chrome cover down tight to the plastic in four or five places. No more rattle, ever.
  9. HDDon

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    Don't know how you thought it was someone being shot, from what I hear you outrun most bullets.:D
  10. RetiredJake

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    I chased a rattle on my Street Bob for about 4 days. Checked everything I could think of. Coming from the front of the engine. Sometimes rattled, sometimes almost sounded like a screech. For a while I thought it was the front header pipe as I had just changed gaskets on the exhaust system. Checked all of the hose clamps that hold the heat shields in place as I thought maybe it was the shield vibrating. Turned out to be the bolt that holds the back of the exhaust pipe to the mounting bracket. It was loose and allowing the whole pipe to vibrate. I just knew my engine was going to be destroyed. :small3d023: