Here's why you stand at the National Anthem

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    Well Said!!!!!
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    Awesome! This new trend of protest is in my view a sign of disrespect to the flag but as your pic shows more importantly to our men and women in the military and emergency services. Protesting is our right but do so about the issue not the flag of the country allowing you the freedom to do so.
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    Amen to that ;)
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    Nice reminder. When these athletes sit or take a knee i'd love to see the stadium empty in protest of these idiots.
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    I honestly never heard of that clown before all this. I truly believe that he was just busted being a lazy punk athlete...and threw this bogus story out that it was a protest. :( I will always stand with my hand over my heart while the anthem plays. And, as some brat at a recent event learned, I will turn into my mother and make them stand up for those who gave them their rights in this country. ;)
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    The reasoning of this supposed professional athlete rule model for our youth, attempting to be politically correct and use his first amendment right for a cause that is lacking in substance and truth is just another case of entitlement. The issue I have is the flag and the national anthem is a sign of freedom and those that died to keep it that way. I think this washed up athlete is trying to go out with a bang. All sports have a protocol of what is and is not acceptable behavior in representing what the team and league portrays, but as numerous times the NFL in this regard they have been very lax in enforcing is said desire. He should be protesting on his own and not act as the NFL supports him....
    I read some where and I do not remember the sport but the coach said to team if you desire to sit for the National Anthem you will stay sitting and not play........
    The thing is these clowns do not realize, I guess, that the Flag has never hurt any one........
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    Yep,in hockey if you sit out,you will sit the entire game.
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    Standing is 1 way to show support, for those who gave all, to sit or be in any position other than standing, to me is a slap in the face to those that can't do to being wheel chair bound , service related or not.
    I say send them to a 3rd world counrty to live.
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