Here's my stage 1 setup....

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Crazyfrog, Mar 15, 2009.

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    OK, been collecting stuff all winter, as funds are tight, and finally installed my stage 1 this weekend.

    To start with, I have an 08 Ultra, and not long after I bought it I put on Rush 1 3/4 baffle slip ons. (I didn't want too loud, just mellow). I found out right away that even with those, it needed a change in fuel.
    The next step was to install IED's. That helped get it back to stock, in my opinion, but the heat was still a killer.

    I decided to get some Vance & Hines true duel head pipes, but kept the Rush slip ons for mufflers. I then added an Arlen Ness Big Sucker air kit, and a Vance and Hines Fuel Pack.

    WOW! I just got a new bike!

    Unbeleivable differance in performance, and no heat at all (even though it only got to about 60, I did sit in some heavy Cincinnati traffic)
    The sound is awesome. Nice and mellow at idle, and can hardly tell a differance at cruising speed. Going thru the neihborhood is no problem at all, as you barely have to give it any throttle. When you crank her up over 3grand, holy cow! It has that DEEP harley sound that echo's off the houses.

    I know everyone has their choice when it comes to fuel enrichners. But for me, I couldn't be happier in my choice. I think the back pressure from the smaller baffles makes a big differance, as I don't think I lost any low end.

    The fuel pack was really easy to install, after I found which settings would work best for my setup in their instructions.

    All in all, I couldn't be happier, and you can tell by the huge grin I still have on my face!:newsmile01:
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    congrats sounds like you are fidning the same thing i did with true duals