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    Need some help,I have a 2004 FXDLI WITH 9800 MI.just picked it up very low miles its been sitting a while,it runs very nice very quiet engine but here's the problem.If I ride like Grandma no problem,If I ride my usual way like I just stole it it pukes oil out the breathers in the heads is exsesively.ok sat awhile I'm thinkin umbrella valves dried out so I take rocker box tops off replace umbrella valves and gaskets put a straight edge on the surface to check is ok replaces gaskets filters and umbrellas.This helps a little still pukin oil pull off a/c cover blow air thru breather on rear head until I hear flow to front and vice versa so no clogs in oil returns to oil pan (edit) is goin on.someone anyone????
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    Is the engine overserviced with oil? Air filter dirty? How's the oil pressure? Have the cam chain tensioners been checked? Scavenge element of the oil pump doing its job?
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    As JimHarvey mentioned above, the oil pump scavenge should be checked. I remember that the 88's were delicate about oil pump alignment. There were lots of articles about it.