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  1. suicide ride

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    hi all, i currently own a 86 softail with a 90 evo 1340 squeezed in it. i have a wee issue with the primary case leaking oil. iv re sealed it yet it still leaks out the top. i pulled the starter out(after being told this could be the issue) the rubber sleeve that covers the shaft into the primary case is split. would this be the cause of my leak??? any help would be greatly appreciated.


    basically what i need to know is:
    is this the most likely cause of the leak?
    if some1 could help with a diagram link or download.

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  2. karlsbike

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    Hi there
    Plenty of knowledge around here, but you need to provide some more details:
    - Where exactly is it leaking, and how much? If it is indeed leaking at the top of the connection between the outer and inner primary, you should be able to see it...
    Also sounds like you've replaced the starter & primary gasket? I did not understand that rubber sleeve bit...
    Please provide a picture or description.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Sure it is not the tranny leaking?
  4. geezer

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    That split rubber sleeve that's on the starter shaft, do you mean an o-ring? If so a split o-ring will definitely leak.