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    hi everyone i've read alot of the post as well as articles about a stage 1 set up and now i seem a little more confuse lol. but heres my question and situation, i have a 2011 ultra clssic 96 not the 103 and i have installed headers with the catalyc converter removed as well as american custom slip ons with the baffles removed. i was told i should now install either a k&n or arlen ness air filter. but here where it gets confusing- some say i need to do a stage 1 download from a dealer others say a tuner and now a few riders are recommending the cobra fi2000 i wouldnt mind the cobra set up as it does the tuning on its own but no one can say definetivly if i need to do the download too, can i just add the new air filter and cobra tuner?
    sorry if this has been aswered already or am posting in wrong area
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    Mike, I have a 2011 FLHR(96'') with gutted cat, American Custom slip-ons and a V/H V02 a/c setup with a Vied thingy from Nightrider. Could not be happier!! When you add your high flow air filter you will want to add some more fuel somehow. The new a/c will make your motor run even leaner than it is now. More air needs more fuel.
    As far as the Cobra tuner, it is gonna depend where you are taking your motor, cams in the future? Headwork? The Vied's cost about $120, the more complex tuners start around $275 and up. Read the other responses that come in and let us know which route you're gonna go. Ride safe!!
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    thanks so far for your inputs, still undecided which way to go. i guess my concerns are trying to change the settings myself on my laptop then connecting to bike and resetting them, will keep reading and checking replies here before making a final decision, i dont think i will be doing any more other than what i have done with the exhaust and then the higher flow air cleaner but wont do that until i decide which tuner to use with the air cleaner
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    If you go with TFI, you won't be have to connect a laptop to make any changes, it has 4 dials you adjust with a scewdriver, very simple. Also Dobeck has the best customer service of anyone I have ever dealt with so you need not ever worry about if you have a question about how to set it. As a bonus, there are dozens of very smart people on this board that know these TFI units :s
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    I'm running the Power Commander on my '07 Ultra.
    Used the recommended downloads for SE exhaust and SE A/C.
    I could tell a seat of the pants difference when adding the PC. Both with stock exhaust/air cleaner and after I added the upgraded exhaust and A/C.

    Always checked the plugs and they looked good. Ran on the dyno and had a very smooth read-out.
    Air/fuel was about perfect.
    Showed the dyno print-out to the fuel tech (does the fuel tuning for their Bonneville runs) at J&P and asked if I should tweek it. Said it was just fine, leave it alone.
    I'm happy and I've had the PC on the bike since '08.
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    Mike, I have the Dobecks Gen3, it comes pre-configured for the Stage 1, it is plug and play and installs easy. It is LED push button if you wnat to liven things up and tweak it a bit. I didn't, and my ride with my new Rush 3 1/2 slash downs 2" baffles runs like a dream, no popping or cracking at hard decels. Won't tell ya what you should buy, but Dobecks is about as simple as it gets for a stage 1 set up. As Hammer said, if you are planning to go beyond the Stage 1,into cams and bigger bore, you may want to research farther, but if, like me, a Stage 1 is the goal, its an easy choice.
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    I'll add another vote/recommendation for the Dobeck EJK Gen 3! Very happy with mine. It gives me something to tinker with if the mood strikes. For the most part I've left it alone, as set from the factory. I turned the "Cruise Mode" down 1 full setting for a couple of tankfulls and it made an improvement in milage but low RPM performance suffered noticably. Bumping it back to original settings solved that.

    My only regret is that the Gen 4 wasn't available at the time. I'd like to have a visual indicator of my A/F Ratio.

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    thanks again everyone ive emailed dobeck in reguards and awaiting to see the discount they r going to offer ill keep everyone updated when i get it as well as how the install and set up go.