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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by kellik69, Jul 27, 2009.

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    i have a 94 883 with all upgrades to 1200, i have been having an intermittent problem with first gear it seems to jump not out of gear just a surge i have replace the clutch , cleanned out the gas tank , changed the petcock, replaced the regulator . it doesnt do it all the time and its only in first gear does anybody have any idea's

    thanks kelli
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    Sounds like an issue that I have with my 97 1200 (factory) Sportster. I've observed a sort of ratcheting effect, only at times, and not consistantly. When this ratcheting, or jerking effects begin, if I pull the clutch back in and let it out or change into 2nd gear everything is OK. The advice that I received was as follows:

    ".. after reading that, my first thought was, if it only does it in first gear, then it's probably not the clutch, it's probably first gear, since shifting to second cures it. is it possible that the shift dog for first is worn out??"

    I have a little more than 35,000 miles on this and I've decided to continue until it breaks or some other situation arises that forces me into the transmission, or I come up with 3 grand for a nice Baker 6 speed, whichever comes first. I hope this helps in some way. An old school biker told me years ago, when a noise in my engine bothered me, "boy, ride it til it breaks then open it up and find out why it broke, fix it and ride it some more"