Help waking up our Road King

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by hootgirl, Apr 24, 2011.

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    Hi Everyone. This is the first time I've joined any sort of community site. My husband and I have owned Harley since 1980 and just last year bought a 2003 Road King. We bought new handle bars and had to do some new wiring to make it reach (this was done by a mechanic) Now, we cannot start our bike. There is no spark. Signal lights, headlight, horn all work. We've tried a different spark plug and we charged the battery. We read the manual and learned about the bike going into long term storage over winter - we did disconnect our battery. We've gone through the steps to re-initiate the security system and still no luck. Any ideas/suggestions? Sigh...I am SO READY for spring to arrive and be able to get out and ride.
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    I just re-did the bars on my bike last year. There are two places you should check the connections at.. I'd start first in the switch housing on the throttle side, make sure everything is looking good in there. Secondly... You're going to have to pull the tanks, speedo etc... Under there (if the mechanic did it right) there should be a plug, you can follow the wiring from the bars down there to the plug, be sure you're not looking at the plugs for the turn signals, they are different plugs all together.... Before you get into that let us know if there is any "clicking" when you're trying to start it. Or if nothing happens at all when you hit the start button.
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    Usually when you have a problem, back track to the last thing you did in this case the wiring on the bars. Most likely you will find the problem in there.
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    Did you check all the fuses? Did it run OK after the bars and wiring were done?
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    Is the kill switch not operating properly?????
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    If you had to add extensions to the control wires possibly the plug configuration was changed in the nacelle?
    Here's a link on the configuration:
    Handlebar Replacement

    You may want a electrical test probe if you haven't purchased one. Good luck!:s