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    Hey guys im pretty new in customizing my Streetglide, put some money in the paint and bunch of add ons and now im wanting to upgrade like alot of people are talking about to a 21in front wheel! I have a few questions that I couldnt find answers to in the search 1. If i upgrade 21in in front can I keep stock size in rear? 2. What is the diff between say 21x2.5 or 21x3 or 21x3.5 what does that mean I see the different sizes in all the rims Im looking at. please explain thanks guys. Im an average sized guy 5'10 190lbs. so which size would be best of the above mentioned.
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    I have the same setup that you're speaking of with the oem size rear tire. The set up works great with no ill effects. I would suggest the larger front tire as it leaves a bigger "footprint" which is better because the bike is larger than most that have a 21" wheel.

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    Here is a link to Tire/Wheel sizing chart to help you out...

    As you may have guessed, I am a bit conservative, keep wheel within 1/2" width of stock and it allows you to go to next wider size if you want (or aspect ratio) following the manufacturer' recommendation for matching tire to wheel. This minimizes the possibility of rubbing, changing steering geometry or introducing handling quirks...!

    If you are used to machining your own spacers, modifying fenders or brackets and such, you can go more radical with your wheel/tire selection, but then I like to ride more than modifying stuff for looks sake. JMHO...
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