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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by walleye, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. walleye

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    I just noticed today on my fairing a scratch about 4" long going sideways. Just about dead center! It is not noticiable at first, but it is there and now I notice it always. It is also deep enough for my fingernail to detect while pulling over. Due to the color, Blk Pearl, it is hard to see if you do not know it is there. Question is, since it is deep enough to feel with fingernail what options do I have? It is not deep enough to discolor, but deep- enough to feel. I have no idea how it got there. AUGHH!!:( Any ideas?
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    Re: scratch!!!!!

    I use 3M scratch remover which I prefer but Meguiars makes a good product also . It may take some time to remove the scratch & you may not remove it all of it but it should help .
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    Hypnosis? Maybe they could give you something else to concentrate on instead of the scratch :bigsmiley20: Of course, I'm sure there are even solutions that might remove the scratch, but that's outside my area of expertise.
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    Have you talked to a paint shop ? I'm sure they can buff most of that scratch away and if they cant ,a good clear coat should make it look brand new.
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    I'm going through a scratch problem myself. Better bike has a very small scratch on fuel tank and I have attempted to remove it myself with scratch remover with little improvement. Talked with local hd dealer and they referred me to a paint shop they use. Recommened solution was a touch-up then clear coat whole tank. After more discussion, they thought a bit of clear applied on the scratch and buffed out might significantly improve the situation ($20). I'm going to let them try that in a week or so. Figured if it doesn't work I'll have them do their first suggestion.
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    I don't know the actual specifics but my dealer got a scratch out for me. It was in the clear coat and the color was still there. They used clear coat to fill the scratch. Allowed it to dry, then fine sanded it and then buffed out the fine sanding scratches.

    Once done I couldn't tell where the scratch had been.

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    If the scratch is not into the color you can take a small paint brush and brush urethane clear on,let it dry,then wet sand the damage area with a 900 paper and then finish with rubbing compound,you won't know it was ever there:D
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    Most any auto paint supplier can hook you up with a scratch kit,, they all do the same thing you just have to add elbow grease, or you can just keep parking next to ugly bikes and no one will notice.
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    What they said
    If it is deep enough to catch a fingernail it might be into the color. you should be able to do the clear coat thing but I would say go talk to a painter and see what they think.
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    On a deep scratch with no discoloring you may try this.

    With a fine brush {and a steady hand} apply a catalyst hardened urethane based clearcoat into the scratch.Allow it to cure for a day at at least 65 degrees.Using a sanding pad and 2000 grit paper, wet sand the desired area until smooth.Then buff to a glossy finish using the proper materials.Keep in mind, black is the most unforgiving color when it comes to hiding imperfections.