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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by gennab87, Nov 4, 2011.

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    Alright guys first off im a brand new harley owner ive been riding for only about 5 years now..first harley first cruiser and loving it so far.

    Im a corpsman stationed in 29 palms cali..which is in the middle of nowhere so its been a pain for me to track down parts..the nearest harley dealership is about an hour away and they are tiny.

    But anyway i have an 08 sportster XL 883 with only 2k miles on it..i bought it with the intent of owning it for a long time riding a ton and slowly customizing it to be my dream bike..right now i keep going back and forth between the cafe racer look/old school rat bike look

    im debating apes/zbars or some clip ons for that cafe racer look..i will every now and then be pulling some long rides but i dont think the clip ons would be TOO uncomfortable.

    Im also def thinking a solo springer seat would really add a nice touch to the look im going for..and eventually a matt black paint job to resemble the nightster type of look would be great although im saving that for last because it will be expensive.

    Any be greatly appreciated..ive done quite a bit of research online and cant find too many newer sportsters like mine with the mods i mentioned although ive found some. Just hoping for some opinions or experiences because i cant make up my mind on some of the options, thanks a lot! Oh and of course id like to be as cost effective as possible and do all of my own work, thanks!

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    Congratulations on you new ride...! While I am all for modifying a Sportster...I would consider leave well enough alone first. Why, you "like the bike for a reason, why fight success"...closing the deal is an emotional decision. But mods, there are priorities 1.) Performance mods (improve basic running by performing Stage I mods...air filter (more air) - fueler like TFI by Techclusion (to enrichen fuel mixture) and exhaust system (to improve sound and exhaust flow). 2.) Comfort mods (no cost control lever and pedals adjustments), handlebars / grips, luggage or storage, seat cover changes etc. 3.) Bling or "Personalization". Don't worry you'll have plenty of time to figure out your priorities once you stabilize on your "wants" or "needs". As you see from my attached picture...I uhhh went through that list many times LOL! Keep the free H-D Parts and Accessories catalog nearby...plenty of guys and gals here to "HELP" you decide.

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    well if you go with the rat bike will be easier to add and subtract things such as bags and such wich traditionaly dont go with the cafe look. IMHO would also be much more comfortable on the longer rides you implied with the use of apes then the zbars. I like the looks of both. Also the old flat track look too[​IMG]

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    Can't help you on any ideas. Everybody has their own ideas of how they want a bike to look.

    I see you have a dealer at Yucca Valley (Hutchins H-D) and Palm Springs H-D.
    Victor Valley H-D in Victorville is a little further.

    Good reason for a ride.
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    Hutchins H.D. in Yacca Valley went belly up!!! Think he's still selling Honda and ATV's
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    Welcome to The Forum, Apes and a solo seat may look good for your bike, it is your ride you decide Good Luck and post some pics:s
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