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    so I am going on a small road trip trying to decide what kind of helmet to buy? someone said skid lid is a good one ? any idea's anyone
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    C'mon now, this is entirely up to you! Helmets are a very personal preference.

    A lot depends on the laws of the areas you will be transiting, time of year and weather, your bike set up (windshield or fairing), your tolerance for wind and noise, etc.

    If you want some more constructive input, we need to know more about your intentions, likes, dislikes.
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    Opinions on helmets vary. What suites one person won't neccessarily suite another. Doesn't matter if it's top of the line name brand or middle of the road.

    Skid Lids are DOT cert and Internet pricing looks reasonable.

    Best thing to do is find a dealer or place that sells gear and go try them out. Make sure you bring your eye protection with you. Shades, glasses, goggles etc. Some half helmets have retractable visors(clear or tinted) that are a nice feature.

    Of course you want good quality and function. Comfort is important. With a beannie style, there isn't much to consider other than how it fits. (And being DOT cert)

    Don't limit yourself to one brand but, make sure the brand is known for quality and DOT cert.

    Harley's helmets are nice. Bell, Scorpion etc.

    Hope this helps some.
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    LOL maybe this was a stupid question

    UCWAYNE Banned

    No such thing as a "stupid question". Some just require a little more information before thaty can be answered correctly.

    As Dr. D said, it is strictly personal preference. I would suggest that you go to a few local bike shops and try on several different styles and brands to fine the one for you!!
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    ? for ya ----- Are you looking for a brain bucket for your personal preference or just because some states you will be traveling in have lid laws?????

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    The world is your oyster...all you have to do is focus on what YOUR expectations are for that road trip. 1/2 helmet is least amount of intrusive coverage...light, more open feel...downside more wind noise. 3/4 helmet more intrusive, quieter and more easily accomodates sound system/com link headsets and like, so called "best" compromise of protection and comfort. Full helmet coverage offers best head protection, still air envelop, but is inconvenient regarding removal and installation...they do have "convertible style" where front half tilts up for easy removal for drinking, eating and such...and are bulky and heavy.
  8. Dr.Evil

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    If you ride without a hemet and are passing through Michigan. I live here and probably would not whare a helmet if they ever change the law, so I traded my DOT lid for $20 non-dot bucket. I think the straps would fall off if I ever hit the ground. So far the police don't seam to care much and I could buy the DOT sticker if I had to.
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    My question is why the need if going on a trip if to only comply with DMV law in a particular state. I believe helmets should be freedom of choice. We have that in Pa. My choice is to always wear a helmet. Sure in a violent crash a helmet may make no difference. It the non violent crashes a helmet will make a difference. Remember Gary Busby, Ben Rothelisberger slow speed accidents and no helmet and they survived with only mild lasting brain injuries. The are of the lucky ones. My advice is drop a 8 pound mellon from 6 feet and see the results. Might get you thinking?
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    The most important thing with a helmet is to make sure it fits properly with any glasses etc that you may be wearing with it
    if it is going to be on your head for 12 hours in a day a badly fitting helmet can cause a lot of pain and be a distraction