Helmets... do you wear one or no? and why?

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  1. Baggh

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    A co-worker and I were just discussing the topic of helmets and riding. He's a non-rider and feels as if there is no question that helmets should be mandatory... he asked me why any body wouldn't wear one.

    I gave him my quick view as to why there are times I may not wear one when I'm going for a quick jaunt to grab lunch a block or 2 from work, or a short chill country ride, etc. I wear a full face helmet 99% of the times when I'm riding, for obvious reasons. Also, it's simply more comfortable for me to wear one than getting pinged in the mug by bugs and misc road debris\ pebbles... especially on highways.

    So to help me better explain why others do or do not wear a helmet fire away!
  2. fin_676

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    I wear a helmet as the law requires it and it was that way when i started to ride in 1975 so i have always worn a helmet normally full face or modular
    The visor keeps bugs debris and rain off my face raindrops at 70 mph can be painful it also helps keep my head warm as it is usually cold here
    When i was a youngster mum and dad always wore leather helmets and goggles similar to ww2 fighter pilots to keep them warm us children were in an enclosed sidecar

  3. lorne

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    i wear a helmet basically for the same reason as Brain. although when i moved to Texas and it was not required a gave it a shot with out. after all those years of riding with a helmet it was just to weird for me to ride without one. i did not feel comfortable at all. i will stick with my helmet because i am comfortable in it not because it is the law. most people i ride with in texas do not wear one and they seem to get just as hot as me on a summer day.
  4. marcus22

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    I wear one, but i will admit it is nice not to wear one. The reason i wear one is that I have seen first hand what happens when a rider goes down and they hit their head. Not nice. On the other hand I do not think it should be law anywhere to be forced to wear one. We are all capable of making out own decisions wrong or right.
  5. Sunnysideup

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    I enjoy wearing both my half and full face. Just part of the sport to me.
  6. keith217

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    Cmon guys. Theres no reason not to wear a helmet. Imagine going down without one. We got one life to live. If you need a cheap helmet, hit craigslist or motorcyclehouse . in CA its the law too..
  7. Baggh

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    I'm with all of you so far. As I mentioned I wear my full face helmet 99.9999%of the time for the same reasons stated. I experimented going helmetless 1 time years ago during my work commute... last time I did that. Getting pelted in the mug by all sorts of tiny highway particles and such just made the ride uncomfortable... and I felt nasty by time I got to work... as if I took a bit of a sand shower or something. So safety reasons aside... the riding experience is just better with the helmet, for me.

    I am contemplating a skull cap type of helmet for those small "lunch\ errand\ country chill" rides so I can up my 99% to 100.

    One reason that I gave my buddy for going helmetless: I told him to imagine wearing a full face helmet every single time you get into your vehicle. Also imagine you have to lug your helmet around wherever you go once you get to your destination (unless you want to chance having it stolen... which I have had one stolen... of all places... at a bike friendly tavern :( ... sometimes it is just more convenient\ less of a hassle to go helmetless for those shorter jaunts.

    Also... I couldn't agree more that wearing a helmet should be a choice rather than a legal mandate... for adults.

    The laws may have recently changed but as far as I know... Helmets must be worn in TX unless you apply and receive a Helmet Exemption sticker from the state. Easy to get and cost $5... takes about 1~2 weeks to receive it. I got mine. I have a feeling this isn't enforced though given so many ride helmetless here without the Helmet Exemption sticker on their plate.
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  8. STEVE07

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    I wear a helmet only because it is the law. I enjoy riding without a helmet. When I am travelling as soon as I get into a non-helmet State I lose the bucket. I have lost 2 friends to motorcycle accidents, both were wearing helmets and both died of brain injuries so that argument falls on deaf ears here. The only thing the helmets seemed to do was preserve the head for open casket viewing.
    Sorry if this post sounds a little bitter.
  9. lorne

    lorne Senior Member

    well said Steve...friend on my was in a bad accident when he came tu the nurses told him 4 guys on bikes came in the same day and he was the only one who made it. there comment to him was "aren't you glad you were wearing a helmet" he wasn't 2 of the others were
  10. Amish Hawg

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    Well, I'll chime in here. I never wear a helmet, never have and yes, I drive in The DFW area a great deal ( crazy drivers). Just did 1000 miles in DFW, Houston and San Antonio without it.........

    With a helmet, I feel restricted, it may be a mental block, but I dont hear as well, my periphial vision is obstructed and I am not nearly as aware of my surroundings...confident so to speak.

    Am I worried about a head bang? Of course I am. But I also worry about that triple flip I am going to do when I T-bone the cager that pulls in front of me. At the same time, I've seen a helmet keep a man alive in agonizing pain from a head injury only for him to pass along when the helmet was removed. I was there.

    I'll ride, just as i do my car, making sure I am comfortable, aware of my surroundings and feel confident that I can avoid the idiots on the road. I'll park the scoot if I'm not comfortable and confident.

    We all have our stories, I'm sure. Helmets break necks, no helmets crack skulls, skid lids dont save faces from grinding on highways, neither do half lids or even 3/4.....there is a story for each example.......this chain can go for years hearing them all.

    Me, I'll ride with any and all......as long as you are safe, respectful and aware.

    Now if I can get rid of the welt on my forehead from a wasp sting, I would be better off.
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