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    Hey all... I ride a FLHRCI, thinking of getting something so my wife & I can talk easier than we do now, any info on what to get for helmet to helmet intercom set up. I know you get what you pay for so I'm lookin for quality not just a cheap set up..... want to get a set up that works.. we use 3/4 helmets now. I wish hd made a system to install on a bike if ya wanted to but I don't have a radio so I guess that's kinda tough....
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    I have the Chatterbox GMRS X1 unit. It works very well up to about 5 miles. My buddy got one also and we can communicate bike to bike up to his range of about 2 miles. I have a second headset for when my wife rides with me.

    He uses a full face helmet and mounted the microphone inside on the chin gaurd. It's voice activated. I use a 1/2 helmet and clamp the boom style microphone to the side of the hemet. Although mine is also voice activated, due to the wind noise I use a PTT (pust to talk) button that is fastened to the left hand grip. It's very easy to push with my thumb.

    The first season that I used it, I didn't hard wire it to the bike. The battery would last 4-5 hours. Of course, it depends on how much you use it. I eventually bought a wiring pigtail from HD and hard wired it.

    Oh yeah, it is also Bluetooth compatible so you can marry your cell phone, mp3, Ipod to it and listen to tunes.

    Chatterbox GMRS-X1 Bluetooth Communicator
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    Do you get much windnoise through the boom mic?
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    We have been searching for bike to bike communications and have found a couple different methods: one is the family 2 way radio system using a handlebar mounted push to talk headset system (purchased from IMC Electronics) and the other is a handheld CB with a handlebar mounted push to talk system (purchased online). Both of the headsets mount in 3/4 helmets (you must order the correct model as there are ones for full face helmets too) - we have JUST received the IMC headset and will be trying it out this weekend - the other one is on the way! Hopefully one of them will work well. The family radio system using the voice activated (VOX) does NOT work - too much distortion and wind.
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    There's no wind noise at all when the push-to-talk button is plugged in.
    When the button is pushed, there's some background wind noise but my
    voice is very clear. Probably because my jaw is just below the top of
    the windshield, so the wind is mostly blocked.

    I'm assuming here that you're referring to wind noise that the other person
    would hear. If you don't use the ptt button, and go by voice activation, then
    you have to fiddle with the sensitivity of the microphone to cancel out the noise.
    That's why I use the ptt function. I don't want to constantly be taking
    my hand of the grip to fiddle with the radio.

    I didn't mention before, but the radio can be clipped to the side of your helmet, or on your belt. I bought (Cycle Gadgets a handlebar mount for mine. That puts the radio about 5 inches from my left hand. Much easier, and safer.
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