Helmet Buffeting fix needed

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by AZDave, May 28, 2010.

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    On my 2009 Heritage I notice that at over 55 I start having a little trouble seeing and I am looking just over the top of the windshield. It gets worse as I speed up and this is with a full face helmet a SHOEI RF1000. If I lean down and look through the shield all is fine. I guess my helmet is being buffeted by wind. I also just installed highway pegs but now with my heal on the boards and my toe on the pegs its great. If I put the sole of my shoe on the peg the wind is really rocking my helmet. Anyone have a fix? What can I install on my bike as additional wind deflectors? I did a search but most fixes seamed to be for RK or Ultras.

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    AZDave, may want to look in slight change in windscreen height, you still want to be able to look over the windscreen when sitting up, but in normal riding position, may want to look through the windscreen when in your more relaxed "normal" position...

    K├╝ryakyn and Memphis Shades make wind deflector lowers and accessories...matter of fact, if you have quick detached HD windscreen, there are some pretty ingenious guys out there that have modified the mounting angle, found this using the Search tab and typing in a couple keywords...

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    Thanks for the help
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    Dave; As you describe it, the buffeting is coming up from the tank, and Hobbits suggestion will help. I have the deflectors on my Electra Glide.
    I'm not real familiar with the Heritage windshield mounts, but if you can adjust the fore/aft tilt of the windscreen even a little bit may make a difference by changing the dynamics of the air flow. My Dyna has a QD windshield, but I can loosen the mounts and tilt it quite a bit, and still have a secure mount. See if there is any possibility of doing that.
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    Anyone using HD part 58125-90b fork wind deflectors?
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    I use the fork wind deflectors. I can ride with my full face in winter or half helmet in summer with no buffeting. I can see just over the wind screen. See my post pic.