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    I tried on a full face helmet the other day and could not get my glasses to fit right. Am looking for a 1/2 or 3/4 that fits ok with glasses.
    What do you recommend that I look into. maybe a Drop Down Shield.
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    You need to try more than one helmet best to go to a place that can check that it fits correctly and have your glasses with you

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    Brians right, it took me a long time to find a helmet that fit me correctly and was comfortable. I wear a full face (snowmobiling) and wear glasses without a problem but it wasn't the first helmet I tried on. Even with the half shell I wear on my bike, it took a lot of trials to find the right one.

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    Brian & MaineStreet are reflecting my experiences as well. Add goggles over the perscription eyewear and even the 1/2 helmet fit can be an issue. I use RedDog goggles over my glasses (they make clear, yellow and even auto-darkening smoke lens for about $30 to $80) still a bargain when you consider the price of those "articulating" helmet designs. :s
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    If you wear glasses and want a full face, you need one of the Modular full face helmets. The whole front of the helmet flips up (not just the face shield). It looks like a 3/4 with a flipped up full face front.

    I have one, bought it for $105 online. You put it on (with your glasses on) with the front flipped up. It's just like putting on a 3/4 helmet. Then when you're ready to ride pull the front down and it locks. Then it's a full face.

    I love mine, has a flip up face shield also just like the normal full face helmets.
    Mine is a Hawk. But you can get a modular in most any brand.

    They have size charts online, and you measure the longest distance around your head above the ears at eyebrow level. Mine fit perfect, but most sites will let you exchange to the next size one time without a fee.

    The problem with local shops is small selection and very high prices. Granted some helmets are better than others, but to get the same features I have on my Hawk was over $300 locally. As long as it has the DOT rating and you like it is all that matters.

    If you're gonna wear a helmet might as well get all the protection you can out of it with a full face.
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    I wear glasses AND a full face helmet.

    I have an Arai Quantum and an open face with a pivoting/drop down visor.I have to be careful when putting on my specs with either lid because my glasses are thin framed and somewhat fragile.The Quantum is a very snug fit-deliberately so- and this can be a hassle,but nothing that can't be worked around.Even with the open face it can be difficult and that includes putting my glasses on first and then the helmet.

    Don't be lulled into not having ANY visor protection at all.Spectacle lenses are plastic,usually small in size and will not offer eye protection like made-for-purpose safety eyewear.

    Try on different helmets:Shoei and Arai offer a large range.If you persevere you will eventually find the one that's right for you.(bit like a wife.)
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    Got a 3/4 Fulmer AF 05 at my local H-D shop (for about $100 - is everything $100 there?) and it fits over my glasses fine. Put it on with the visor up, adjust my glasses, then tighten the chin strap and go. It also has the internal pull-down sun visor, which also fits over my glasses and can be maneuvered after the helmet is on. Give it a look...
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    I always grab the bottom of each side of the helmet and pull tension outwards when sliding it on. Makes it easier on my ears and my glasses. I have friends that put their glasses on after the helmet, I never could get that to work for me. A flip up face shield is also a must for me since when stopped it will fog up if I can't flip it up a bit.

    The only reason I would ever wear anything less than a full face helmet would be the summer heat. It sometimes makes a helmet an oven.
    Make SURE you get one with ventilators that can be open and shut no matter what helmet you get. A removable/washable liner also makes it nice so you don't have to smell last years ride.
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    This is a simple one for me. I have experience. Back in 1976 I had an elderly man turn left right in front of me. I hit him in the passenger side doing about 30mph. I was told later that I did approximately $600.00 worth of damage with MY HEAD against the side of his car. My helmet was a mess and I kept it as a memento until it fell off the shelf and ended up in two pieces. Moral of the story....I'd rather have a broken helmet...than a broken head..it's simple...never been without one since.