Heelllpppp Dobeck Gen 4.0 AFR

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    Anybody out there using it. I have installed it on my 09 street glide and been have nothing but problems with it . Yes I talked to their tech support and the even sent me a new download to install but that made thing even worse original program bike was running real rich according to the AFR gauge even though I had it set as far lean as I could set it 15.0+. The rest of the zones seem to be working okay . They sent me a update to correct the problem but now the bike is running even more rich. when I try to lean it out any thing past 11.0 actually kills the engine. with out try to adjust fuel the green zone idles below 10 . Now even the other zones are not running right
    My setting are . Green 10.7 Yellow 14.5 red 12.0 what they actually read going down the road Green 9.5 Yellow 10.0 to 16 ( jumps around like crazy) Red 12.0 ( jumps alittle ) . This thing is driving me crazy . I'm riding to Texas in couple weeks and now not sure If I can go with out messing up the engine . My set up is 96" with S&S 570 cams SE heavy breather and Sinister industries (Up your) Pipes Pipes are 2-1 that come out in front of the bags . Thanks . Any help would be be very great full. Please only answers that address the issue. Not what I should have bought . Thank you Kindly

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    Usually the Cams give the problem....

    Ask for Mark Dobeck/Maybe Chris and ask for BUBBIE's program Numbers... I have about the same but SE255 cms...

    IF you can down-load MY numbers (dongle?), I think that would work...

    My settings grn 13... yellow 14.5... red 12.5

    Green runs about 12.9 to 13.8 area
    (It floats with the running needed at Slow speed)

    yellow/blue 13.2 locks in right on 14.5 cruise (or any AFR I choose for the yellow)

    red/blue 13. Locks in at 12.5 SAE suggested AFR

    Hope this Helps...

    Make SURE they KNOW the Cams you have.....

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    I don't have the GEN4 (running GEN3 on my FLHX), but is the 4 O2-sensor specific like some of the other tuners/models...??
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    Thanks BUBBIE
    Yes They sent me the dongle. I re did the up load again today to start from scratch. was able to set green to 13.5 yellow 14.5 red 12 green blue 11 yellow blue 13.7 and red blue about 13 . This set seem to make the bike run better but Bike would never go into green mode at idle . Only time it would green mode is if I abruptly cut the throttle while moving at moderate speed but when it went to the green it sounded like total fuel cut off to the injectors give it alittle throttle and it would go back to yellow and run okay . Tried adjusting green blue mode but any thing above say 11 would kill the fuel to injectors . Also found out if a do a moderate roll on of throttle in yellow mode the gauge needle would move into the 15-16 range but when just cruising it would stay at 14.5 . Is that normal ?? . Chris did say something about my cams and he also thought my pipes could be helping to give me false lean reading. I did all my adjustment before I read your reply so it seems like we working in the same area . What is your green blue setting ??? I will get back in contact with Chris or Nick to see what they think is going on .. Thanks again for your reply . This thing is driving me crazy and killing my fuel mileage big time
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    Gen 4 AFR uses a wide band O2 sensor and has the ability to add or pull fuel