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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by israguard, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. israguard

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    Does anyone have or knows anything about the HD heated vests ? Other manufacturers seems to use electrical units only. HD from what I gather are the only ones with battery powered ones which last for 2 hours only. What happens on a 5 hour ride ?
  2. WHM1

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    My wife and I both have heated jacket liners and ride all winter long... do not buy the one using batteries. I have thr Gerbing brand and the wife has the Harley.. first the batteries do not last long! We also bought the temperture control unit whick allows you to turn the liner temps up or down. Mine gets so hot after awhile I can not leave it on high. We ride even when the temperature gets into the 30's... research and do your homework before buying the battery units
  3. israguard

    israguard Active Member

    Thank you for your quick reply. I called HD and they are selling 12V vests.. "a la Original HD". I asked of Gerbing was the manufacturer.. the cuty didnt know. WOuld you be comfortable with a HD 12V Vest... or go for the Gerbing only ?
    Much obliged. Shawn
  4. dbinbc

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    Gears make a very nice 12V heated vest that has a heating wire in the collar to keep the back of your neck warm. Very nice on a cold ride. They come with an on / off switch but you can get temp control switches as well. Vests include the fused wiring harness, not all machines come pre wired.
  5. y2kflhr

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    I have a gerbings for myself and my better half, the service is top notch, I had a problem with a glove, they fixed it and when I sent along the liner to get the wires lengthened it was done free of charge, I just use an on/off switch to regulate the heat, it happened to be in the pocket of the vest when I sent it off and they also tested that!

    It doesn't gett any better than that in my book

    oh yeah, they are warm too....
  6. dogdad

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    I just bought a HD heated jacket that plugs into the bike. I got it at 75% off so i couldn't pass it up. The warranty card has Gerbings as the manufacturer and the heating elements and wires comes with a lifetime warranty. I don't know anything about the heated vest.
  7. CalgaryBikeBum

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    After a bit of research I purchased Gerbing jacket liners and glove liners for the wife and I last spring. I also got the two knob controls for both. Gerbing manufactures them for HD. Either way when we were travelling and it was cold or rainy they worked perfectly. The Gerbing units also heat the collar so makes the back of your neck and head nice and warm. The wife was always chilly on the bike when it cooled off but since she has her liner she never says a word, in fact she mentioned that she wished she could use it in her car. We have a short riding season in Canada so they help lengthen it and make it very enjoyable. :D
  8. alto

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    I've had Gerbing gloves for 5 years now. I can't go outside for but a few minutes in cold weather as several of my fingers turn White in just a few minutes. Almost no circulation in them...Without Gerbing gloves, I'd have to be house-bound. Fine quality. Since buying my gloves and also the mittens, they've changed their battery packs to an 'ion' or something like that. A tad expensive but, man, they do what they're supposed to do. I've tried all the cheaper gloves that use D cell batteries ....don't waste your money on them. I'd go with any of the Gerbing products just because I've had great luck with the products I do have.
  9. dcfatboy

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    When I was looking 6 years ago, the difference between the Gerbing and "HD by Gerbing" was the Gerbing had a longer warranty.

    All my heated gear is Gerbing, and I ride year round. The coldest temp I have started out with is 20* F, but that was my trip to Florida.
  10. geezer

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    I got the Harley vest that plugs into the bike and I think it's made by Gerbing. It is excellent quality and keeps me toasty warm. I got the dual controller because the vest is hotter than my pant liners. The thermostat in the controller keeps both at a constant temperature. Makes riding in cool weather enjoyable.