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    I just got a set of Harley Davidsons battery operated Heated Gloves and here's my impression. 1. No cables, this is really good, you don't look stupid when ya get off yer bike and forget to unplug. 2. The gloves only heat the BACK of your hands, that's one complaint I had with the heated grips, my inside hand would stay warm and the part exposed, were I thought I needed the heat, would not. 3. The Gloves ARE Expencive! Ya gotta buy the gloves and THEN 2 batteries. but all things considered the heated grips run about $300 so the gloves aren't that much more, your gonna buy gloves anyway, right? 4. They don't stay charged for very long.....on the lowest setting they will work for 4 hours, only an hour on the highest setting, but they don't take very long to charge either, about 15 minutes, don't forget the charger when ya go somewhere!
    6. They seem to be a little bulkyier than a regular Gauntlet gloves and weigh more cuz of the battery being onboard.
    All in all, I like em, I can see using them for more that just motorcycle riding (sking , football games, stuff like that) and if your over 50 and your fingers seem ta want ta stay in the riding clutched position, after a cold ride,like mine, you'll like em too.