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    I just purchased a jacket liner, and gloves from Gerbing, and I have to say I wish I’d done it years ago. Man-o-man what a difference. It was 25 deg. F when I left the house on a little cruise (50 miles) just to test them out. And I must say they were flawless. Had to even turn down the temps on them they were very warm. I’m going back to order there heated pants soon. It was a trip to ride (on dry roads) with a little snow on the ground.
    The look on people’s faces when I rode by them was well worth the cost. My legs and feet got pretty cold though.

    Have any of you used battery heated socks and what should I be looking for in them? Gerbings is discontinuing there socks for some reason or I would get theirs. Or if you have/had them do they work as good as everything else? Thanks in advance for any input.

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    I'm with you. I have ridden nearly 38 years and in some very cold weather. I have learned over the years to cope with all kinds of cold weather riding in layers, high tech insulators, just a variety of garbage feeling like the Pillsbury dough boy. I fought buying the heated gear for years making do and suffering on 18 hour rides across the county thinking I knew how to battle the elements. Yeah, I survived, I learned to live with the pain, looked more forward to the 15 minute thawing out at rest areas than enjoying the ride. Then one day on a planned cross country trip I decided to get the heated gear. I couldn't believe that after using the state of the art cold weather insulated clothing that I could ride with a tee shirt and jeans under heated gear and feel like I was in a Cadillac. I am stubborn, sort of a tough biker at heart, but now I laugh at the make-do attempts at really being comfortable and truly enjoying my rides cross county in very miserable conditions in the past. I've come to the dark side of knowledge and truly the high tech comfort with my Gerbing heated gear. It's one thing to be tough and make do...it's another to REALLY be warm and comfortable, which at my age is most important. I've got nothing to prove that I haven't already proved to myself...I'm tough but I'd rather be smart and comfortable than prove to someone I'm tough :)

    On a 2000 mile cross county trip when the temps were in the low 20's I stopped for a fuel stop sitting on my bike sipping on a hot cup of cappuccino. A guy wearing a doo rag and leather jacket came up to me seeing my wires hanging said " What is that heated stuff? You got to be tough to ride." I watched as he got into his pick-up truck pulling his trailered bike heading to Daytona bike week and thought....it takes all kinds but I know enough to know what it takes to RIDE in comfort. LOL

    I've found that with the upper body warm, that I could do without heated pants if I had to and just wear ski pants. But I do own heated pants and love them. I found that with the rest of the body heated that with polypropylene sock liners under wool socks it kept my feet warm enough. But, since I have learned many lessons with heated gear, I wouldn't have a problem with heated socks, just haven't needed them yet.

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    Funny, I have been riding metrics with fairings for years, so never gave much thought to heated gear. Now that I have a Harley, face in the wind, no fairing, I'm learning that I'm just able to be warm enough (not toasty mind you) w/ layered thermals under flannel shirt, jeans with all the traditional leather regalia picked up over the years: chaps, vest, Hein Gehricke heavy jacket w/ removable quilted lining (always have to remember to zip up all 4 flow thru vents front & back), heavy deer skin gauntlets, Full Face Helmet, (or if 1/2 helmet, a snap in full faceshield, leather dew rag and leather mask and I have been fine SO FAR...just barely or lucky.

    But reading this post --IF I ever lived in any of the central to upper latitudes where cold is a big problem, my old-fashion stubborness/minimalist attitude would have me also delaying what is likely the best way to go using a properly wired Gerbing gear setup for my Harley. I wonder how many times we layer our rides with "bling" instead of taking care of the most important part of the bike...the RIDER. If we are riding impaired cold and shivering...how can we really enjoy the ride and perform technical maneuvers on an unknown strip of tarmac? Don't know what I was thinking...:small3d011:

    FifthGear, like I have said before, your posts sound like the voice of reason in this ol' rider's head, wish I could post my thoughts like that. :newsmile106: