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    I just purchased a jacket liner, and gloves from Gerbing, and I have to say I wish I’d done it years ago. Man-o-man what a difference. It was 25 deg. F when I left the house on a little cruise (50 miles) just to test them out. And I must say they were flawless. Had to even turn down the temps on them they were very warm. I’m going back to order there heated pants soon. It was a trip to ride (on dry roads) with a little snow on the ground.
    The look on people’s faces when I rode by them was well worth the cost. My legs and feet got pretty cold though.

    Have any of you used battery heated socks and what should I be looking for in them? Gerbings is discontinuing there socks for some reason or I would get theirs. Or if you have/had them do they work as good as everything else? Thanks in advance for any input.

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    I hear ya about the look of cagers, they probably think I'm nut when I stop at red light. All I get was a set of HD heated gloves and it was 30*F with 10mph wind, I keep turning them off, they do get hot though, thinking about getting a temp controller for them.

    Boots, under pants thermo and pair of jeans, sweatshirt and HD leather, full face helmet and heated gloves for me, my bike get windshield, wind deflectors on front folks and softshield covers on engine bars.
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    I have a heated vest and gloves, the gloves get so warm they make my hands sweat! I have used battery powered socks, they used a c or d battery but were a pain:bigsmiley10:
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    I got the Gerbing socks with my jacket liner and gloves. I wear chaps so my legs don't get that cold. The socks work great like everything else.

    I hooked the socks up to the jacket accy port and I have the dual control so I keep those cooler than the gloves. I got all my stuff at a local BMW dealer and they said nothing about socks being discontined. They are just out of most of the larger size socks.

    Good Luck!