Headset for Harley Shorty Helmet

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    FYI for those looking for headset for new style Harley shorty helmet with integrated visor.

    I just purchased the JM Corp Performance Series Custom Headset for HJC/Harley® Shorty-style Helmet part # HS-BCD284-HJH-HO. The system is great so far but....

    The ear speakers come with pouches to slide up into the helmet skin ... I thought i would like like the speaker pouch inserts but I have a short neck and tend to bump them off my shoulders. If the speakers/pouches were a little smaller it would work for me so....
    My fix was...
    I used a dremel tool with a sanding wheel and shaved a little foam from the inside of the helmet near the ear recesses and mounted the speakers in the helmet styrofoam vs using the speaker pouch inserts with no loss of audio to my ears.

    The unit does not come with a rain/dust cap for the plug when the pig tail cord is not hooked to the extension cord going to the bike so I will just put a small zip lock over it if I get caught in the rain and not plugged in.

    I did email JM Corp to see if they plan on making a dust /rain cap and hope to hear back from them soon .... I'll keep you all posted.