Heading out on a six week trip

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by SilverFoXD, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. SilverFoXD

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    I'm leaving in the morning on a six week motorcycle ride.

    My route is from Tempe, AZ, to Estes Park, CO, over three days, visit friends in Longmont, then head for the Cleveland area. I intended to ride US80/6/34 but with the flooding in Iowa I'll be dropping further south. My AZ riding buddy and his FXR-P are in Ohio and we'll take a few rides in that area.

    From there, to Amherst, MA, by the July 4th weekend to see my grandkids. I'll work my way home via the Blue Ridge Parkway, Tail of the Dragon, and the Natchez Trace, camping as I can, and then the long run across Texas and New Mexico. I should be home by the end of July.

    My bike is a 2007 FXD bought new last September, with HD windshield, HD bolt-on bags, Sundowner seat, forward pegs (retained the mid controls), and Progressive shocks and springs. The intake and exhaust are stock, a new rear tire, and 9,555 miles.

    Oil is Golden Spectro 20w-50 semi-synthetic with a Hi-Flow filter; Transmission has the Golden Spectro 6-speed Tranny oil; and the primary has HD Formula+ Primary. The latter two installed at 5,000 miles and the oil installed today.

    I anticipate something like 7,000 miles. I've budgeted 10 cents per mile but the FXD's getting 51 mpg on trips so this may be high. Will keep you posted as the trip progresses, and include photos as I can. I will be 63 years old when I return and this is my third time doing the ride to Mass.

    Take care, everyone. I will do the same.
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    All I can say is - "You Da Man!!!"

    Seriously, you've done this before but the world gets crazier each and every day on America's roads. Don't get complacent. Ride safe!
  3. zenmedic

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    Safe journey!!!
  4. Fourdogs

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    Good Luck..God Speed, and God Bless...:ap
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    Can't wait to see the pix & hear the tale. :D
  6. Flashback

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    have a great ride!!
  7. kemo

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    Wish I were there. Safe trip
  8. SilverFoXD

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    I'm back and had a safe and enjoyable trip.

    The route was essentially what I had planned, with the exception of riding US 70 east to avoid the rain and got clobbered anyway, and missing Cleveland as my riding buddy was ill and had returned to Arizona. Got to do several hikes in Arizona and Colorado on the way up and my friend in CO gave me an aircraft ride along the Front Range.

    Had a good time in New England, seeing the grandkids and my daughter/hubby in Mass., and taking a three day ride through Vermont. I highly recommend the Shelburne Museum near Burlington for its early American exhibits. Also got a tour of the Harpoon Brewery, which was nice, but no free samples.

    As a family we picked and ate strawberries and blueberries, picnic'd, shopped at a farmers market, attended a car show, and tracked down every ice cream stand in their area.

    On the way home I took the factory tour of the HD plant in York, PA. A very good tour and I was impressed but as the '09s were being built and not yet released we did not get to see the assembly lines. No free samples there either but did get a couple shirts.

    Camped along in the Shenandoah NP and the Blue Ridge Parkway as I just loafed along, stopping for pictures and hiking as I wanted to. Very friendly people along there, and I'd guess half of all vehicles were motorcycles. Not much traffic, possibly due to road construction and the detours.

    Right or wrong, I did not get to the Dragon as word had filtered up of heavy law enforcement. Several riders I talked to said the Cherohala Skyway was much like the Blue Ridge Parkway and thus not worth an additional drive to ride it, and the Dragon is so twisty you are either in a curve or setting up for one that you cannot enjoy the scenery. Plus the speed is limited down so far the fun factor is lost. Rain clouds were building in that area and I was tired of the rain. I explored some to the east of the Parkway then took US 40 home. I did about 30 miles of the Natchez Trace, then returned to US 40.

    Some figures: I was out for six weeks as I had intended. This was about right for the distance. Total miles was 6,930 with 137.04 gallons of premium for $577.64. This worked out to 50.57 mpg with the low mileage in the mid 40s and the high in the mid 50s. I found that the wind head-on had the most impact on mileage with it really bad in Kansas and then in Oklahoma and Texas on the way back. I cruise at 70-75, passing about as many as pass me.

    Cost was 8.34ยข per mile, under budget, and the average gas cost was $4.215 per gallon. In the west the octane was 91, grading into 93 in the midwest. I detected no change in mileage, engine sounds, performance, etc., with the change in octane rating.

    With this mileage I figured the FXD needed an oil change along the way. Had excellent service from the HD dealer in Cookeville, TN, who worked me in during their busy Saturday morning. For the record, the mechanic put in three full quarts of 20w-50 Syn 3 oil.

    Only problems with the bike were two burned out front turn signal bulbs, most probably from rain getting in the housings, grease washing off the jiffy stand, and the fuel tank mounting bolts loosening up slightly. All were easily taken care of. The FXD is still on its original front tire and the 2nd rear is in good shape, with total miles now 16,700. I anticipate changing both at the 20k service.

    My SuperGlide is not the best cross country bike but that's OK. I'll do it again when the opportunity presents itself, and enjoy it. I got wet when it rained and a lower back muscle hurt after riding the twisties, but I started every morning comfortable and ready to ride. What more can I ask for?


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    Sound like you had a excellent time
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    I just did 2300 miles in six days, I wish I could have stayed out longer. Glad your home safe with tons of memories