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  1. 67wizard

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    Hey Chopper or any of you guys in the know.
    Heres what I have now. 2010 UC Reinharts slip ons,
    SC air kit, Harley down load. Now my question is
    I want to get rid of the cats. I plan to buy the Vance
    and Hines Power Duals and do the Harley race tune
    on the Dyno. Do you think its cost effective? I don't
    plan on other mods. Money won't let me for the next
    couple of years as retirement limits spending.
  2. Chopper

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    Do you think your Harley is cost effective, darn straight, you ride the best motorcycle ever made don't give it back any less. You will enjoy trouble free miles with the set up you're talking about and never regret it. And you will never need or want any other mods, you will have the best of both worlds, performance & reliability. If it was me I might think about sending the headers to Fullsac Performance - About Us Page - Lake Havasu City, AZ and have them remove the cats, and run the rinehearts, the stock Harley exhaust system is a very good set up and it will still give you the performance as the duals once the cats are removed. But you might prefer the way true duals sound?
    The way I look at it, I would be pocketing the savings on the true duals and dyno tuning time of true duals. The cost of true duals verses $100.00 for removing the cats and 3 hrs tuning verses 6 hrs tuning, that might help it be a little more cost effective, you'll have to run the numbers yourself to deciede. If you really like the vance & hines true duals, they are my pick of the litter for true duals, I just made the other suggestion because money is so hard to come by these days and I feel both set ups are top of the line. Ether way you went you would would have no regrets.
  3. Grillfish

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    I agree with Chopper, a great option.

    If you want to change out the header pipe to a power duals type, you have Fullsac, Fuel Moto and of course, V&H. They all have the "X" pipe set up. I was at Daytona on Sunday and got to peak behind the heat shield of the V&H Power Duals. The X section appears to look like FS and FM header, but I'm sure some flow differently than others.

    All the big vendors were there and man, want to talk about seeing and listening to all the pipes you want in one place. It was great.

    Ride safe and have fun.