HD version of Super trapp exhaust?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by walleye, Oct 19, 2009.

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    I had a buddy come by today on a 2009 SE RG. He had the HD version of the Super Trapp exhaust. It sounded great. I was just about to bite on the Monster Ovals, but now am second guessing. Any opinions on what to do? I am looking for a deep sounding pipe but not obnoxious on the roll, which is what I thought the Monsters would provide but these sounded great. He had the header CAT removed so it added to the sound. Of course, my 09 has the CAT removed as well with the slip on's I have. (Dyno tuned Jack Pots for sale) :p Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    I have a set of those coming in today. What sold me was the adjustability of the discs. More disks is louder and more hp, fewer discs is less sound and more torque. I hope they are not too loud.

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    I put a set of the Harley ones on about a month ago. The HD ones come with an open end cap and I don't see what good the disc's are for you can see through the baffle all the way to the Cat. The exhaust gases will follow the path of least resistance and go straight out the open end cap. How the gases can make a right angle turn and go out between the restritive disc's is beyond me. Measured at a distance of 15 feet they ran at about 84db at idle, my old trapps with closed end caps on an EVO ran at 88db, my friends Samsons run at 96db.
    You can join the Super Trapp forums at their web page for more info.