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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by FatBobRob2009, Oct 13, 2009.

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    I plan to purchase a 2010 Dyna Fat Bob at the end of this month. I am trying to determine whether the factory security system is worth the $370 investment. Can others share good and bad experiences with the system? In particular, anyone been stuck in the middle of nowhere unable to start the bike?

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    I would not want to be without it.
    I do believe the $370 only buys you the buttonless fob and engine disable (immobilizer) feature.

    The $370 option came on my '09. Then I added a SirenII and pager. That was $150 extra.
    GREAT system. Works like a champ.

    Be sure to Change the immobilizer code when you get your bike. You won't get stuck miles away because you enter your secret code if you Fob goes bad.

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    My bike did not come with the factory security system, so I ordered the parts myself and I'm having it installed this weekend at a dealer. The catalog alarm price is $299 and the install price varies per dealer anywhere from $60 to $125.
    I'm going to drive pretty far out my way to the cheaper install price, and I caught a guy on ebay that cut the alarm system price in half .... but unless you want to go thru the time and trouble, get the bike with it already installed.

    If the fob fails, you can manually input a pin via your turn sig buttons to disarm the system, so a dead fob should not strand you.
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    This August my wife & i pulled into a parking lot , when we came out of the store our bikes would not start. I had put new batteries in the fob earlier so i called the local HD dealer & he asked me if i was in one of 2 locations . He said to push the bikes the the next parking lot & try starting & they did. He explained there was a large power sourse under the lot disabling the fob. I have 30,000 miles on the RK riding thru eastern US& Canada with no issues except that one. The pushing the bikes past the local chip stand was interesting. HA
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    On my 2010 EG Classic I got an alarm and will add siren soon. Does anyone know if the 2004 instructions listed above in previous email is the same in 2010 model.
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    Most insurance companies offer a break in premiums for having a factory security system,that alone makes it worth it IMO
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    My bike came with the security system. The dealer wanted me to pop for the siren for it. A $75 dollar option if I remember right. I passed on that. I like the Harley security system for the simple fact that when activated, it kills the ECM. You are not going to run that engine with a locked out ECM and dealers demand a lot of info before they will sell a new ECM over the counter. This is a great feature. If cars and trucks had the same thing the insurance companies would howl. That is because joyriding thefts would drop dramatically. Though there are alarms that disable ignition, it is not the same, as they can be defeated by jumpering.
    The other thing I like about the system and it is minor, but I like the flashing lamp on the speedo. A thief might pass up my scoot after seeing it blinking. A real professional thief is going to get the bike one way or another, but a less determined thief just might look for easier pickings. I hope.
    A rotor lock and using the steering lock are helpful too. It is a tough world out there. Probably best to try and foil the bad guys the best you can. :)
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    I recommend it; I also have the siren and pager.
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    I agree. Got the alarm and siren on my 2008 and have had no problems. I notice that people take note when the alarm sets itself - they kind of steer a wide path not sure what might set it off (non-bikers)LOL .