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    Richard here. (Professional prototype developer and motion picture special effects artist.), I’ve been “lurking” around here reading as much as I could, trying to learn about HD 5-speed transmissions.

    I’m building a reverse trike hybrid electric, high mpg vehicle. I’m using a Vulcan 500 for my fuel powered engine and an AC-20 AC motor for my EV (Electric Vehicle), power.

    The challenge has been trying to get the power curves for the Vulcan engine and the AC motor to be at their best efficiency when driving the rear wheel. The ability to shift gears when driving using the EV motor and the ability to isolate the Vulcan 500 drive from the EV motor and do the same in reverse (not driving in reverse, but switching power roles between ICE and EV.)

    That’s where the Harley Davidson transmission comes in to play. (I’ve attached a drawing to share how I plan to tie this all together.) I’ve been researching and designing all sorts of systems to get this to work and finally stumbled onto the idea of using the HD transmission for the EV to drive train part.

    I went to my local HD dealer and spoke with the service manager. He was excited and really helped a lot. He suggested that I search for a 5-speed transmission from a 1990 - 1999 softtail.

    According to him, those years used a belt for both primary and final output drive and there were a lot of them made... so I should be able to find a used one for not a lot of money. We discussed (and he approved), how I would convert the belt drives to chain. (I have a fairly complete machine shop including mill and lathes.)

    The reason I’m posting here, because I’d like to confirm that the 1990 – 1999 HD softtails use “dry” clutches. (Any models or years where they used wet clutches?)

    Can I simply swap a wet clutch for a dry clutch? I can’t build a case for a wet clutch and expect to easily tie in the clutch to the EV motor, so (per the drawing), I need to run the clutch outside of a “wet” clutch case..

    Any feedback, advice, additional information would be greatly appreciated.



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