HD Premium Oil Cooler on 09 Fat Bob

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by FatBobRob2009, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. FatBobRob2009

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    Am contemplating installing the premium oil cooler for Dyna on my Fat Bob prior to this year's Sturgis run. Looks like a do-it-yourselfer project. Anyone know off-hand how much the thing increases total oil volume?
  2. doctordoug

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    Approx 6-8 oz
  3. odie13

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    I have one on my 09 Lowrider, When you check the oil should it be between the lines
    like it has in the manual or over full ? Does the extra oil stay in the cooler and lines or
    does it drain down into the pan?
  4. R_W_B

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    Yep pay head to Smitty's heads up there. This is the size that MOST hex kits LEAVE OUT. I was already into the install when I realized my kit DID NOT have this. I ended up having to to use hex head bolt with 3 nuts on it. Could not buy one locally, nobody had it single or in a kit.

    But (it's been awhile) I remember mine being like a 9/16 inch though. ( if I remember right? ). If it's metric I totally missed that part.

    Anyhow I got it on with the hex bolt and nuts and then ordered me the missing hex for any next time. I don't remember the instructions warning you either like Smitty has.

    The cooler and hoses hold minimum oil. Make sure you put your hose clamps on in a position where you can access the clamp bolts with the filter installed just in case it leaks a little. Some folks just install the adapter gasket only, I put a thin sealer on the adaptor to HOLD the gasket in place while I installed it. I had no leaks, but the sealer makes it easier to get the thing in place and have the gasket lined up perfect with the holes etc.

    You are instructed to torque the adaptor nut so you will need a torque wrench. Other than that it's a snap. I had to snap tie some of my regulator wires up to make room for the hoses.