HD Premium Oil Cooler Install?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by lionsm53, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. lionsm53

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    Getting the stuff/parts together/ready to install the HD Premium Oil Cooler
    on the 09 SG
    (bike's running too hot even with stage 1 and PC-V, according to the McEwan Temp gauge)
    including the fan unit that fits behind the cooler
    that the guy has on ebay.
    Thought it would easier to do all at once, rather than one then the other...

    Anywho, any tips, pics,or tricks or advice other than the 7/16" allen socket would be extremely appreciated..
    Thanks in advance... It is mucho appreciated..
  2. Tucson_Tim

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    If this is the H-D oil cooler then I have one sitting on my workbench waiting for the first (relatively) cool day so I can install it on my 08 Softail Deluxe. I read the instructions and I believe you'll need a 7/16 hex key socket that is used with a ft-lb torque wrench to install the plate.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    22mm and 7/8 are exact same size for those who dont have metric. There are alot of Metric that cross over exactlt, 8mm == 5/16, 24= 15/16:D
  4. mnultra

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    The only thing that I can think of that held me up a bit was:

    There were some of the kits that came with a self adhesive adapter gasket and some that didn't. Mine didn't and I faught a seapage leak for a while....until I went and bought the same exact part number gasket my kit came with, and it had the self adhesive on it. Worked like a charm the second time around :D

    If yours doesn't have the self adhesive, you can always use a thin film of grease on it to hold it in place while you mount the adapter. I thought of that after the fact, of course :(
  5. Tucson_Tim

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    I haven't opened my kit yet but I read that some folks use bigger hose clamps than the ones supplied in the kit. In the next week or so I will install it and give my experiences also.
  6. twalte

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    Mine did not come with adhesive on the gasket, but the gasgacinch has it leak-free since the install.

  7. Tucson_Tim

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    How long ago was the install and how many miles since the install?

    The installation instructions for the H-D Premium Oil Cooler do not mention adding gasket sealer to the gasket. If you were going to use gasket sealer would you use it on both sides of the gasket?
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  8. ironmark

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    Don't waste your $$$ on a 7/16 allen wrench all I did was take a bolt that has a 7/16 head on it and put a nut on it and run the nut down till it bottoms out on the head of the bolt if you like to you can put more then 1 nut on the bolt ( I used 2 nuts ) this works great for tighten the adapter for any reason that you need to remove the adapter you would need to tack weld the nut to the bolt . This tool works great and is cheap . :s
  9. Tucson_Tim

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    I already have a good sets of SAE and metric hex key sockets, short and long reach. Good tools are an investment in the future.

    The bolt/nut "trick" is great but if you go the bolt/nut route, you have to be careful what kind of bolt you use -- it has to be a good bolt that can take the torque -- not a cheap hardware store bolt that will twist in two well below the torque spec.

    Thanks smitty!
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  10. ultrat

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    used Odaker clamps on hoses you'll need a tool to tighten these clamps i use a c/v boot band clamp pliers..