HD Low profile touring shocks on 2010 RK

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Spudshucker, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Spudshucker

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    Looking into lowering the back end only of a 2010 Road King with HD's low profile touring shocks. The parts guide says they'll work without also lowering the front, my dealer says they will cause the pre-new frame wobble, unless the front is also lowered. 1 inch less travel, so I assume they'll ride stiffer to keep the tire off the fender, but anyone with experience in reduced handling, cornering and onset of the dredded wobble ? Thanks, Spud
  2. TQuentin1

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    The redesign of the frame on the newer bikes is supposed to have eliminated the old stability issues like on my bike. I do not think they put in the third link, but I though the wobble was a thing for the older design.

    I personally believe that any changes made to the suspension should be made to both front and rear, especially lowering. Otherwise you are changing the design geometry. Really not a big deal to do both as long as there is no cartridge in the front end, and I do not believe yours has one (unfortunately mine does!!).

    If you are lowering for rider size, you might also consider the REACH seat too. I did that along with lowering the front and rear. Made a big difference to the perceived stability of the bike, and my ability to sit flat footed when the bike is stopped.

  3. ridin88ci

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    I have a 2001 RK which I lowered 3 inches in the rear and didnt lower the front and mine rides just fine....solo or two up....and I ride her hard....
  4. ironmark

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    The Progressive 940 shocks will lower the rear end of your bike 1" and still give you the same travel as the stock shocks, that way you can lower the bike and still have a good ride.
  5. tyre

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    Put street glide shocks on 20 k miles ago I have had no handling probs..
  6. Spudshucker

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    Thanks for the replies, I found a set slightly used and so far so good. Only 350 miles so the jury is still out. I have lightly touched down with the floor boards on several occassions which is not normal for me on the RK. Might just need to get used to the 1/2 inch or so lowering.
  7. bobbeidel

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    I first lowered the rear on my 2009 Road Glide and all was fine, but when I lowered the front the handling was so much better. Easier to steer in tight areas. I suggest you also lowere the front!!