HD ABS Upgrade?

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    Seen this on another information place. I am wondering if anyone here has heard about this? My 09 was an early one (prior to 12-10-08) and I am wondering if I should check into a download. I have no complaints on my ABS but have noticed it kicking in while slowing down over RR tracks and similar washboard type surfaces. Here is the quote I read.

    "For those of us with 08 models you need to go back to the dealer and get the 09 download to your 08 ABS. The 07 and 08 ABS was set to cut in too early and the ABS activated while you are still in a controlled stop. The result was longer stopping time. The 09 download was released to the dealers on Dec 10th of 2008 and is a free warranty download. Harley doesn't advertise the upgrade but it is a must for the kind of riding we all do."
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    I don't have abs on my ultra, but hey if they'll do the d/l for free what do you have to lose?
    They will also fix your jiffy stand if you have the one that has too much of a lean angle. Mine was built in sept. 08'. You have to call the MOCO but they fixed mine the same day.
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    This is exactly why I dont want ABS.
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    havent heard anything about it