Have any of you bought a new car lately

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    The wife's car is ten years old and has around 140K on it. It is a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee that is in great shape, but is starting to show signs of wearing out. We decided that the time is right for her to find something more reliable because she has a commute on Route 128 (I-95) to work.

    We started shopping around for another Jeep and were shocked at how aggressive the dealers are with their discounting. We made it clear to the dealers that we weren't going to buy unless they made it us a GREAT offer.

    We ended up buying a new Limited, that is loaded, for only $4,000 more than we paid for her old Jeep in 1999. By the way, the old jeep was a middle of the road Laredo with virtually no options.

    There are great deals out there making this the time to buy if you NEED a new car.:s
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    Re: Have Any Of You Bought A New Car Lately?

    Yes sir!!! There are deals to be made out there if you're looking for a new vehicle. We bought a loaded 2008 RAV4 just before Christmas a got one heck of a deal. I was given a quote for a loaded Tundra that I could not hardly believe! Good thing common sense took over. My F250 is almost paid for and there's nothing wrong with it. But oohhhhh what a deal they offered!

    Ride (drive) safe
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    Re: Have Any Of You Bought A New Car Lately?

    Hope it applies to good, quality used cars, too. I'll be getting my daughter a college car in late April or May.
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    Re: Have Any Of You Bought A New Car Lately?

    I found the dealers did not have as much room to negotiate the price of their used cars, although, when I compared the used asking price of the one year old used Jeeps against its original MSRP, the used cars look pretty reasonable. The 2008 used Jeep limited was almost $20,000 below their MSRP prices when new.
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    At the rate GM is going you may want to see if you can sell back the 100K warranty :rofl
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    I gave up on buying new vehicles when my Dodge 3500 quad cab dually got stolen. My son rolled the one before that:wall
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    Just replaced a 2001 Ford Focus with 362,718 miles, traded it in, and bought a 2009 Ford Focus.. I figured I'd drive my 2001 until the wheels fell off... They never did...

    The price was well below MSRP. Now if I can get 362,000 + out of my new Focus, I'll be very happy...

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    I picked up a GMC crew cab 4x4 at almost 50% off sticker. I figured it was now or never, cause I would never had spent that much on a Truck.

    Actually paid less for the truck than I did for the Ultra!