Harley zeppelin seat on a cvo ultra

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by guarddan, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. guarddan

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    I have a 2012 ultra classic cvo with a stock seat. The stock seat is too hard and keeps me too low as i am 6 ft 4. Does anyone know if i put the zeppelin seat on will i sit higher which i want and will it fit and be more comfortable? Also, if anyone has one on there cvo i would love there input. Thanks
  2. STEVE07

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    Why not tey the HD fit program.You can try out different seats on your bike to see what is comfortable for you.I like the HD pillow top seat myself.
  3. Brad214

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    I love my Zeppelin seat. It will raise you up when inflated and it's the most comfortable seat I have ever used in 20+ years of riding Harleys. My wife also loves it. To be able to change the shape on the fly when numb butt sets in is a revelation. Good luck !
  4. jimharvey1

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    You may have just sold a seat for Harley! I've been contemplating the Zep for a few years on 2 different Ultras but haven't pulled the trigger yet. That sounds just like what I need. I'm good for a couple hours in the saddle but then start getting that "pinch".
  5. johnc486rk

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    My wife bought the zeppelin for Christmas last yr (2011 FlHR), both of us love it. You won't be stopping because of butt burn I assure you, my stops are for gas and breaks. Push a button, change riding position for you (2 buttons) and 1 for passenger, oh yes, the better half says it puts the Big Boy Ultimate to shame I have on another bike. As for the height, it raised it about 1.5" for me, leave the pressure off if sitting in sun for a long period.