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Harley Z90 1973

2 cycle oil only in the fuel/oil. If the clutch and transmission oil are combined use a nondetergent 30w it helps prevent clutch slippage. Trans can use a bit heavier if it is separate. I'm not familiar with this model, just basic lube rec. for small engines.
This is all I could find on the internet, maybe try and find the Manuel online for it, it appears to be available.

You can use any good motorcycle 2-stroke oil in the injector tank or premix at 50 to 1. Originally Harley wanted the oil mixed at 25 to 1 in the 1970s but with todays modern oil I mix at 50 to 1.

3. The manual calls for 2-stroke oil in the gearbox but I use SAE30 motor oil in the gearbox. It takes 1.3 pints.
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