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    Looking for the most comfortable Harley Touring Bike and seat. My wife has developed lower back pain non bike related. We love to ride and would appreciate any advise and insight. Thank You for your help. Be Well. Bob
  2. oldhippie

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    I'm really enjoying the ride of my Ultra Classic. The fairing wind deflectors really help with keeping the wind buffeting down.
    I have the stock seat on and put a sheepskin on when taking long rides. The sheepskin really helps keep our bottoms from sweating. My wife also has back problems but doesn't have big problems when riding the Ultra just as long as we don't go long stretches too often. Usually stop every 1 to 1 1/2 hrs.
    I had the H-D Hammock seat on when I first bought the bike but ended up putting the stock seat back on. My passengers kept sliding forwards on the Hammock. I think H-D may have changed the newer Hammock seat to prevent this.
  3. DakotaRob

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    I got my first touring bike, an Electraglide Classic, two years ago. Had the stock seat and I added a backrest for me. The wife said she was comfy, but she never rode more than an hour or so. I was always comfortable.

    I just traded up again to a Roadglide Ultra. It has a Mustang seat and so far it is good. I really like the lowers, they've helped a lot when riding this time of year (40's). I'm loving not having to wrestle with the fork mounted batwing fairing at low speeds... Also like how it feels on the highway. The wife hasn't been for a ride on the new bike, she doesn't like the cold.
  4. TripleJ

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    Like DakotaRob I am partial to my 2012 RGU. I am absolutely loving this bike and the better half is much happier on the longer rides as well.

    I would suggest taking whichever touring bikes your are considering for demo rides if possible and take the wife along.

    When you have decided which bike works best for the both of you I would then send the stock seat off the Mean City Cycles so they can work their magic on your seat according to your specs, wants and needs.

    These guys do top notch work and are great to work with.

    Mean City Cycles - Custom Seat Modifications

    Good luck in your search and let us know how it turns out for you.
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    I would think the best part of any Electra Glide or Road Glide is the fact of rear air suspension, soft ride quality, they way in exces of 800 pounds and that the seat pad size along with the floor boards which you can adjust a little would be more confortable. For your passenger more less, just sits there and does not need to hold on like a Night Train...
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    Many riders like the Mustang brand seats. Myself included.
    I have Mustang on both my Sportster and Ultra Classic.

    200 miles on the stock Sportster seat and it would hammer me in the kidneys.
    Changed to a Mustang and 500 a day without a problem.

    Rode 2,000 miles to California with the Ultra and never any seating problem. Love the Mustang seats.
    Go to their web sits Motorcycle Seats - Mustang
    and read the reviews from other riders.

    A good seat always makes for a pleasureable ride.

    NIGHT TRAIN 07 Member

    Thank you everyone, I'll keep you in the loop. Ride safe and enjoy it's a beautiful thing riding. I hope its not our last. Be Well. Bob
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    I am using Harley's Zeppelin seat. If comfort is more important than looks I highly recommend it. I've been riding for over 40 years and it's the most comfortable seat by far. Does raise you up a inch or so when fully inflated, so that is a factor. Worth looking into.
  9. HDDon

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    The suggestion of riding each of the touring is a good one. Harley has their demo fleet at most of the larger bike events, and dealers will generally have some demo bikes. Once you think you have the right bike, rent one for a day or a weekend and see how the wife does on it. I really like the Road Glide simply because of the frame mounted fairing, but you will find the one that lights your fire.
  10. Redfish-Joe

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    Road Glide, Sundowner seat, Heritage bars and you are set. Of course I am a little bias.:D