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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by craigs, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. craigs

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    Hi folks.
    I am a new harley owner after having had several goldwings and have a couple questions. I see where it recomends i burn 91 octane fuel in my 09 Ultra. Is that something i have to do or is 87 ok???
    Also i have that security business and am not sure how you most of you use that. Do you even carry a key with you to lock front end etc. or do you rely on that security fob? I plan on switching my gas tank lid to a push button thing so i wont need a key for that. Sorry for all the rookie questions.
  2. HDSickness

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    always use a quality 91 octane dont know much about the fob but I always lock the forks and ignition on my 99 r/k

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I would Only use 91/92 octane in any of my bikes past and present..

    Why would you want to use the lesser octane in something calling out for 91.?

    Gas today is Not the best stuff and I ONLY go to the Brand Name Stations an try for only the new or well used for fresh gas. Usually Shell/Texaco/Chevron types..
    I know all gas comes out of the same refineries BUT the additive packages are better in My listed stations..
    I tend to stay away from Safeways,Costcos, Usually NO additives is their gas... also the CHEAP town pump or cost less fuels..

    My take on it on your electrical... Can't help as I turn a key and carry a BIG GUN so no theft problems to date.

    Welcome to Harley.:D AND HDT.com

  4. Subby

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    If you don't run 91 octane your bike won't perform properly. Your Harley has a high compression engine and it needs the right fuel. The Goldwings you had previously could run fine on 87 octane because the compression ratio of the engine wasn't as high as the one in your new bike. You paid good money for your Harley, why would you not follow the recommendations in your manual?? As far as the key is concerned, I always carry it and the fob with me. With the price of gas getting higher, you might want to make sure that your gas tank lid is lockable.
  5. JPHarley

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    Like the others said....use the high dollar gas...your bike will like you for that.
    As for the security....I always lock the fork...even in my garage....the harder your bike is to steal...the more likely they will move on to the easier one....jmho
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    I run the highest octane that's at the pump - generally 91 to 93, and I try to keep away from ethanol. It's a 5 gallon tank, so if it were completely empty, we're talking about a 50 cent price difference between what I put in to fill the tank, and a lower grade of fuel. Now the only thing that I can buy with 50 cents is a better grade of fuel - that or maybe two gumballs.
  7. TQuentin1

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    Use the highest octane gas you can find short of jet fuel.

  8. dbmg

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    As the others have said run the highest octane available. As to key, I recommend locking both tour pack and saddle bags while riding. If you have windshield bags or glove box in lowers allot of guys just leave key and fob there while riding. You have to remember to remove fob when locking bike. Remember that no question is a Rookie question, for sometimes a question will make you think.. Good luck and have many enjoyable miles on your Ultra.
  9. FLST

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    IMO the security system is one more thing someone has to get past to take your ride. Two summers ago a friend left his RG parked outside his work without locking anything. Someone took it. Fortunately, he got it back unharmed a couple of weeks later. If it had been locked it would have been there when he got off work. The more locks the better IMO.
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