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    This was right down the road from my house. They said his brakes locked up and thats why he had to pull over. Don't really see them locking up in the video. Maybe he got too much Pledge on the rotors. :p
    Here's the scoop.....

    A Fort Worth man led police on a 45-minute chase through Fort Worth and Arlington on Thursday morning before he was pulled over in Hurst, thrown to the ground and arrested.

    As he was lying on the ground, restrained by three men, Terry Glenn Sillers, 46, was punched at least twice by a Fort Worth police officer, as seen on video shot from the WFAA/Channel 8 helicopter.

    Sgt. Pedro Criado, Fort Worth police spokesman, declined to speak about the incident and referred questions to the Texas Department of Public Safety, which initiated the chase.

    Sillers was wanted for a parole violation, and about 11:15 a.m., officers from the DPS, FBI and Fort Worth Police Department located him on a motorcycle in a southeast Fort Worth residential neighborhood, DPS Lt. David Crook said.

    When officers tried to pull him over, Sillers sped away on South Loop 820. The pursuit reached speeds up to 80 mph.

    Sillers led police down U.S. 287 toward downtown Fort Worth, then headed west on Interstate 30 before making a U-turn toward Arlington.

    From there Sillers went west on Park Row Drive, then sped onto North Loop 820 toward Hurst.

    As Sillers approached Texas 121 and East Loop 820, the brakes on his motorcycle appeared to lock, causing him to swerve before he stopped, and was surrounded by police, Crook said.

    (would you believe a cop with the name "Crook"???) :newsmile055:
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    I'm definately not supporting what the guy on the bike was doing but they had at least 3 officers on the suspect and he was definately under control when the last cop jumped in and gave him about 3 good strikes. Not necessary........one thing about being a cop.......you need to keep your cool....as much as you want to pummel somebody you have to stay professional!
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    I see a bit of police brutality from the cop in the cruiser that turns around on the median. Maybe he had too much coffee with his donuts?
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    Well said, wonder if the guy can sue ?
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    Remember what Chris Rock said about how not to get "messed" up by the PO-lice.
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    Way to quick to use force in my opinion. I am surprised he had time to put the stand down. LEO need to take a course on anger management.
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    would you believe a cop with the name "Crook"???)

    We had a mayor named "Outlaw"
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    Bad guy gets caught. If the state had not paroled him he would not be running putting other people on the road in danger. I dont see a problem with that. Plus the video is shot from over 200 feet in the air, you cant see if he was putting up a fight. Thats what internal affairs is for and Im guessing they will review the tape plus any witness statments.
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    before i add my comment, let me say i am a LEO and have been for 27 yrs. now you are probably thinking, i am going to be for the officer that threw those 3 punches. i watched the video twice and from what i could see, i couldnt see the defendant after he was thrown to the ground. after a pursuit, that would be normal procedure to get him to the ground fast. i also know that it looks bad to have 3 officers on one defendant, but i have seen times where it took alot more officers to try to control a person. as for the punches, officers are taught if a person doesnt want to comply with verbal commands, such as putting their hands behind their back, then you give them several kidney punches to get them to automatically move their hands where they can be cuffed. as i said, i'm not agreeing with what was done, but i also couldnt judge their action from what i saw from the video. just have to wait and see after more investigations.