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    Post your Harley trivia and facts here. Give us all the info you can about different trivia concerning anything Harley.

    Dates and timelines would help too.
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    In July 2001, Harley-Davidson released VRSCA V-Rod. What type of engine does this motorcycle have?

    The Awesome Harley - Davidson Liquid-cooled engine. This bike was released on July 13, 2001. It has the first ever watercooled engine. This motorcycle weighs in at 595.7 lbs., has electronic sequential port fuel injection, and holds 3.7 gallons of fuel. :bigsmiley14:

    In 1957, Harley-Davidson created the bike that would boost them to stardom. This bike design is still in existence today. What is the name of this bike?

    The Sportster. In 1957, Harley-Davidson created the Sportster. This bike is the most favored design ever created by Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson combined the design of both bikes in 1991 to create the Sportster Lowrider. This bike was mainly designed for cruising, but a word of advice, don't try to out race this bike. This bike rivals all bikes that have been manufactured by Harley-Davidson. The only changes that have been made through the years on this model cycle, is the speed of its engine.

    In 1948, Harley-Davidson created yet another motorcycle. This cycle sported a new 74 cu in. engine with hydraulic valve lifters and aluminum heads. What is the name of this bike? :newsmile057:

    Panhead. In 1948, Harley-Davidson motorcycles were on the rise, everyone wanted one. The company decided to create the Panhead. By doing this they proved that they could and would keep their customers happy. At the end of 1948, they had produced 31,163 Panhead motorcycles.

    In 1953, Harley-Davidson's oldest competitor closed its doors. What was the name of their competition?:newsmile026:

    Indian. The Indian Motorcycle Company, was a fierce competitor. However, after the Great Depression and the two World Wars, they could no longer manage to keep their business on the rise. Once Indian closed its doors for business, they ultimately made Harley-Davidson the biggest manufacturer of motorcycles.

    In 1936, Harley-Davidson manufactured a cycle that had a 61 cu in. overhead valve engine. What nickname did the company give this bike?:taunt

    Knucklehead. After the Great Depression, Harley-Davidson created an EL model bike, that was also known as the Knucklehead. They produced 9,812 of these cool cycles. This bike is considered to be a must have for Harley-Davidson collectors.
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    What year was the first Harley delivered for service in a police department?

    The first motorcycle sold for police duty was delivered to the Detroit, MI, Police Department in 1908.
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    did you know that Porsche worked with the design of the revolution engine or the v- rod
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    William S. Harley and Walter Davidson were next-door neighbors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where both took jobs at a local manufacturing plant, Harley as a draftsman and Davidson a pattern maker. In late 1900, Davidson took a part-time job making job patterns with a young mechanic name Ole Evinrude, who eventually developed the outboard boat motors that would bear his name

    Of the four founders, only Williams S. Harley was born in the USA. The Davidson brothers were all born in Scotland

    William A. Davidson never became a motorcyclist

    The reason the company was called Harley-Davidson rather than Davidson-Harley was because the Davidson brothers acknowledged that Bill Harley had come up with the original motor design

    The first appearance of an official Harley-Davidson racing team was at the Dodge City 300 Mile Classic race in Kansas, in July 1914.

    Harley-Davidson Dealerships. At the end of 2009 the company had 1,340 dealerships worldwide. Last year, 28 U.S. dealerships closed and 6 closed in the first quarter of 2010. Because of the down economy the company is encouraging dealer consolidation in all markets
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    The Morgan Motor Company is releasing a modern version of their famous 3 wheeler. The company started making 3 wheelers in 1909 to carry passengers like a car, but pay the lower fees of a motorcycle. Made with Matchless, JAP, and other V-Twins (even small Ford I-4s) the family runabout had 2 cylinders, 3 wheels, and 4 passengers.

    The modern version was originally intended to have the 103" HD motor, but for some reason that fell through. They will be fitted with an S&S motor, a Mazda gear box, and a chain driven rear wheel.